The Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room team recap the Cecil Hotel episode

The “Cecil Hotel” episode of Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room takes Zak and the team back to one of their most terrifying investigations.

Most fans have to wait until at least a few years after the end of their favorite television shows to see these shows being turned into ‘Best Of’ clip shows, or to get all of the behind-the-scenes details from the cast.

However, longtime Ghost Adventures fans are fortunate enough to follow along as Zak Bagans, and the rest of the Ghost Adventures team, take us through their favorite episodes in the Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room spin-off series.

What you missed on Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room‘s “Cecil Hotel” episode

The new season of this intriguing Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room spin-off sees Zak and the rest of the team rehash one of their most compelling investigations to date – the “Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel” special.

Those who tuned in for this original special episode will already know that the unexplained occurrences at the Cecil Hotel and the mysterious death of Elisa Lam have a way of staying with you long after the episode has run its course.

And as the team recounts everything that they managed to dig up during this special, and everything did we did not see play out on camera originally,  it is quite evident that this episode has remained with them too.

All about the new season of Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room

Keeping up with Ghost Adventures of its spin-offs, not to mention the mysteriously disappearing and reappearing episodes and confusing listings, has become even more difficult than tracking down compelling evidence of supernatural activity.

However, if we stick to Zak and the rest of the team’s version of events, the new season of Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room can be outlined as follows:

Date Episode Title
February 15, 2024 Episode 1 “Cecil Hotel”
February  21, 2024 Episode 2 “Cerro Gordo”
February 28, 2024 Episode 3 “De Soto Hotel”
March 6, 2024 Episode 4 “Goodwin Home Invasion”

A recap of the team’s original Cecil Hotel investigation

Zak has shared that their original Cecil Hotel investigation was one of “the most terrifying moments” that he has ever experienced, and for good reason.

The Cecil Hotel has become notorious for its history of often-unexplained murders, suicides, and mysterious deaths.

And while this Los Angeles hotel’s sinister past has been well-documented in other shows like American Horror Story and Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Zak and the Ghost Adventures team felt particularly drawn to the story of Elisa Lam, a young student who perplexingly wound up dead in the water tank at the top of the hotel.

During their original investigation, Zak and the team set their sights on trying to determine whether there may have been some kind of “other” entity that had influenced Lam and her actions before her tragic death.

This investigation included everything from retracing Lam’s steps to researching some of the less savory figures which have called the hotel home through the years.

And the Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room recap provides even more insight into what the team discovered while they were there.

Why are these new episodes not on Discovery+?

It seems like there are some big changes happening behind the scenes for the Ghost Adventures franchise, but none of the Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room team (including Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay) have provided an official reason as to why this “new” season of Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room is not streaming on Discovery+ just yet (or why so many of the franchise’s episodes have disappeared from the platform as of late).

Therefore, we still do not know if or when these episodes will become available for streaming on the Discovery+ platform, and it may be best to ensure that you catch these new Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room episodes when they first premiere on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

Rumor has it that cable subscribers may also be able to access these new episodes by signing in to the Travel Channel Go platform.

What lies ahead for the Ghost Adventures franchise?

There is a lot of uncertainty among Ghost Adventures fans about where the franchise is heading and what it will look like when it gets there.

However, it may still be a bit too soon to panic, as Zak recently confirmed that the team is gearing up for not just a new season of the original Ghost Adventures series, but also a brand new season of Ghost Adventures: House Calls.

Has Zak just confirmed that Ghost Adventures is coming back for another season?

Zak has not announced any official release dates for these new chapters yet, but fans can probably expect  these new episodes to start airing sooner, rather than later.