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The Ghost Adventures: House Calls team is heading to Marion

The fourth episode of Ghost Adventures: House Calls’ second season will take the crew to Marion for their newest paranormal investigation.

Whether it is disembodied voices, unexplained knocks and bumps, figures lurking in the shadows or just an eerie feeling, the Ghost Adventures team is always ready for a new paranormal investigation.

The spin-off series, Ghost Adventures: House Calls, follows the Ghost Adventures crew as they set off Mystery Incorporated-style, to investigate the paranormal mysteries which have plagued households all over the United States.

All about the “Horror in Marion” episode

On a regular day, visiting Marion would be a rather wholesome outing, filled with quaint small-town activities and glimpses into the city’s rich history (which dates all the way back to the early 1830s).

However, the Ghost Adventures: House Calls crew will be visiting this city for a very different, and much more sinister reason.

The second season’s upcoming episode, titled “Horror in Marion” will see the crew go to a spooky home in this quaint city to help a family that is at its wits end.

And while the crew is pretty used to putting it all on the line to find answers, this episode will push them to their absolute limits as they investigate the mysterious and disturbing paranormal activity which has all but destroyed this family.

This time around, the crew will have to work quickly, as this unexplained paranormal activity is starting to affect this family’s health.

Ghost Adventures: House Calls season 2

This upcoming investigation promises to be one of the crew’s most pressing episodes to date, but it is not the only paranormal puzzle that this team has had to solve in this season.

All of the Ghost Adventures: House Calls season two episodes which have aired thus far can be outlined as follows:

Episode Title Premiere date
Episode 1 “Fear in Fort Gaines” April 3, 2024
Episode 2 “Fear in Fort Gaines” April 10, 2024
Episode 3 “Mansfield Meltdown” April 17, 2024

The “Horror in Marion” episode is set to air on April 24, 2024, at 10:00 PM ET on the Discovery Channel.

Older Ghost Adventures: House Calls episodes are also available to stream on an array  of platforms, including Max, YouTube TV, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and more.

How haunted is Marion?

While the Ghost Adventures: House Calls series usually focuses on just one paranormal case (or at least one haunted house) at a time, the crew may need to return to Marion in the future.

Like any city with a rich history, it seems like Marion has quite a  dark and spooky side. Marion was founded in 1831 by Martin Boots and David Branson, two decades after the settlement of the bloody battle of Battle of the Mississinewa.

However, the city’s bloody history does not end there. Once you start digging a little bit deeper into how Marion became what it is today, you realize that tense race relations and disagreements over religion, land ownership and more, all have their place in the city’s history.

And, unfortunately, this means that there is likely more than one unhappy spirit roaming the streets and the homes of this seemingly peaceful city in Indiana.

Who is in this episode?

While you will need to tune in to see all of the spine-tingling details and evidence in the “Horror in Marion” episode, we do know which of the Ghost adventures: House Calls crew will be on the case.

As always this investigation will start out with the lead investigator and longtime Ghost Adventures team leader, Zak Bagans, introducing the rest of the crew to the case.

But it will be investigators Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley, who take on the task of tracking down the mysterious and reportedly no-good entity which has pushed this Marion-based family to the point of illness.

Other Ghost Adventures content to look forward to

The second season of Ghost Adventures: House Calls is far from over. And when the team has wrapped up this investigation in Marion, they will be traveling to Washington and then to Tennessee to help other families who are wrapped up in various types of paranormal mysteries.

However, the ghost-hunting fun will not end there, as the original Ghost Adventures show will also return with a brand new season in May.

This upcoming season of Ghost Adventures will kick off with a very special 2-hour premiere episode on May 15, 2024.

And according to what the team has shared about this first investigation so far, things will get serious quickly as Zak and the rest of the crew investigate a case connected to the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.