The Expedition X team tracks down Nuclear UFOs in the season 7 finale

The Expedition X season seven finale episode sees Jess and Phil travel all the way to Japan to investigate Fukushima’s rumored UFO activity.

Even though it feels like the seventh season of the paranormal, extraterrestrial and cryptid-focused investigation show, Expedition X, has just started airing – this season has already come to an end with the “Nuclear UFOs” episode.

All about the “Nuclear UFOs” episode

The Expedition X team has travelled far and wide so far this season in their quest for answers, visiting locations ranging from the haunted Hoia Baciu forest in Romania to Niagara Falls.

And in the “Nuclear UFOs” season seven finale episode, hosts, Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres, are tasked with trekking through Japan to visit Fukushima.

Fukushima is known worldwide for the series of disasters that happened in 2011, where this once-thriving Japanese city was hit with the world’s fourth most powerful earthquake, Tōhoku, and the subsequent tsunami and a nuclear disaster within the span of just a few days.

However, the reason why expert explorer, Josh Gates, sent Jessica and Phil to this highly radioactive location, is way more out-of-this-world. According to reports that have spanned decades, this area is also a hotspot for unexplained UFO activity.

Expedition X season 7

This “Nuclear UFOs” episode officially marks the end of Expedition X’s seventh season.

And before we dive into all the details for this episode (and possible future episodes of the show), we may as well take a look back at everything that the team has investigated so far, this season.

All of the season seven episodes can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date Investigation
1. “Transylvanian Terror February 7, 2024 Hoia Baciu forest, Romania
2. “Killer Sasquatch” February 14, 2024 Alaska, United States
3. “Death Island” February 21, 2024 Mackinac Island, United States
4. “Secrets of Mackinac” February 28, 2024 Mackinac Island, United States
5. “Ghost of WW2” March 6, 2024 Okinawa, Japan
6. “Beasts of Britain” March 13, 2024 England, United Kingdom
7. “Niagara Nightmare” March 20, 2024 Niagara Falls (New York), United States
8. “Nuclear UFOs” March 27, 2024 Fukushima, Japan

Who appeared in this episode?

Paranormal researcher, Jess, and her Expedition X co-host and biologist, Phil, did not come across any extra-terrestrial beings during the “Nuclear UFOs” episode of Expedition X.

However, they did get a chance to chat to quite a few locals about what they had seen in the area over the last few years.

This includes Manami Yabuki, a Fukushima native who recounted her experience witnessing a floating light in the sky shortly after the earthquake tore through the city.

Jess and Phil also sat down to speak to Tsugio Kinoshita, the curator at the UFO museum at The International UFO Laboratory, which is based in the Fukushima Prefecture.

A brief glimpse at Japan’s UFO activity

Without giving away too much about the episode, it is safe to say that Jess and Phil certainly got more than they bargained for during their visit to Fukushima.

And while these researchers are still not entirely sure what to make of the evidence that they gathered during this trip – there is no doubt that this video-footage will now form part of a much larger pool of evidence related to the reported hotbed of UFO activity in the Japan area.

The number of UFO sightings that have been reported over the years in Japan is much lower than those  reported in the United States, but the country still has a history with unidentified saucers and beings dating back to the 1100s.

In fact, the fascination around Japan’s otherworldly activity has become so widespread that a document published by the United States Department of Defense (which lists reports from between 1996 and 2023) lists both Nagasaki and Hiroshima as some of the biggest hotspots for UFO sightings in the world.

Will there be another season of Expedition X?

Jess, Phil and Josh certainly ended season seven of Expedition X on a high note with this out-of-this-world Fukushima investigation. And it is only natural to start wondering about what is on the cards for the show’s future.

Expedition X has long been one of Discovery’s most successful shows, with the premiere of the sixth season ranking as the best non-sports cable program among men between the ages of 25 and 54 in 2023 and this most recent season brought in close to a million viewers per episode.

So while Warner Bros. Discovery has not officially announced any plans to bring Jess and Phil back for another season of Expedition X, we suspect that it will just be a matter of time before they get to start up their night-vision cameras and EMF meters for season eight.