The ages of the Married to Medicine cast in 2024

The Married to Medicine cast has changed a lot since the show’s first season and they are all about a decade older now.

Bravo’s hit reality television program, Married to Medicine, has just wrapped up its 10th season on television.

Married to Medicine details the ups and downs in the lives of the most influential women in the Atlanta medical community.

And throughout the show’s now decade-long run on television, viewers have been able to follow along as its cast members celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, deal with loss, make and break friendships, take on new career opportunities and much more.

Married to Medicine from then until now

But even though Married to Medicine has given fans an inside look into what it is like to move within the upper-echelons of Atlanta’s elite, we still have some questions.

Over the course of Married to Medicine’s 10 seasons so far, we have seen the cast change and grow. And, while it is not always apparent just from looking at this cast now, they have all aged about a decade since the show’s first season premiered. As a result, it is about time that we recap the ages of all your favorite Married to Medicine stars, as of 2024.

How old were the cast members when Married to Medicine first started?

If you have ever decided to re-watch Married to Medicine from the very beginning, chances are you would have noticed that a whole lot has changed since the show’s premiere in 2013.

There are many different reasons why Married to Medicine’s first season is now almost unrecognizable as the show that we all know and love today, and one of these reasons is because the show’s main cast members were all much younger than they are now.

The ages of the Married to Medicine cast in the show’s first season (which was filmed back in September of 2012) were as follows:

Cast member Age in 2012
Toya Bush-Harris 36 years old
Dr. Jackie Walters 54 years old
Dr. Simone Whitmore 45 years old
Quad Webb 32 years old
Mariah HuQ 34 years old

How old are the Married to Medicine guest stars now?

The most recent, 10th season of Married to Medicine welcomed a number of new additions to the show’s well-established cast, including two “new” guest stars, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Anila Sajja were both relegated to guest starring roles for season ten, even though Dr. Metcalfe had formed part of the show’s main cast from season five and Sajja from season eight.

But even though both Dr. Metcalfe and Sajja have had lesser roles to play this time around, they have not been any less entertaining than usual.

As of the start of 2024, Sr. Metcalfe is 47 years old (and will be turning 48 in June). Sajja is currently 44 years old (and will be turning 45 in April 2024).

How old are the Married to Medicine husbands now?

Although Married to Medicine has always placed its focus firmly on the ladies who run the Atlanta medical scene, their husbands also still have a part to play.

And since the doting partners of our favorite Married to Medicine stars did not always get as much screen time as their other halves, it may surprise you to learn that the ages of the Married to Medicine husbands vary drastically.

The ages that the Married to Medicine husbands will be at the end of 2024 can be summarized as follows:

Husband Partner Age in 2024
Eugene Harris Toya Bush-Harris 47
Damon Kimes Heavenly Kimes 54
Cecil Whitmore Simone Whitmore 58
Curtis Berry Jackie Walters 65

How old is the main cast of Married to Medicine now?

It is impossible to do this kind of Married to Medicine round-up without including the show’s current main cast members.

Of course, Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore and even Quad Webb have been aging gracefully in front of the Married to Medicine cameras for the past ten years.

But the entire 2024 Married to Medicine cast’s current ages can be outlined as follows:

Cast member Age in 2024
Toya Bush-Harris 47 years old (48 in April)
Dr. Jackie Walters 65 years old (66 in July)
Dr. Simone Whitmore 57 years old (as of February)
Quad Webb 42 years old (43 in May)
Dr. Heavenly Kimes 53 (54 in November)
Phaedra Parks 50 (51 in October)

One of the show’s other recent casting additions, LaTeasha ‘Sweet Tea’ Lunceford (who will be turning 33 years old in 2024) has made quite the splash for marrying Quad Webb’s ex-husband, Gregory Lunceford (who is turning 57 in 2024), and 24 years her senior.