The 15 best paint colors to go with oak wood trim

Oak wood trim is a common feature in homes, and its color and undertones can vary from light to honey to red, each with their coordinating paint colors.

Homes with oak wood trim are very polished and interesting visually. The trim in your house can help to smooth over transitions between different design elements and can also make different rooms in your house feel more coordinated and put-together.

However, trim, especially wood trim like oak, will likely be a prominent feature in all the rooms of your house and this cannot simply be ignored when you are choosing paint colors for them.

Different paint colors can help you accentuate or tone down different tones and colors of oak trim, depending on the look that best suits your personal taste and design style.

About oak wood trim

Trim is traditionally used to cover transitions and unsightly gaps between different design elements in rooms such as the walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors.

fYour trim might seem like a small and insignificant part of your house’s overall design, but in reality, your trim can have a big impact on the overall design aesthetic of your home.

Wood trim, like solid wood or MDF (medium density fibreboard) oak trim is a very durable choice for trim, and it also adds a classic look to the design of your rooms.

Although trim does not take up much space physically, it does act as a frame around the perimeters of your house and can take up a lot of space in the design of your rooms, visually.

Keeping your existing oak wood trim or adding wood trim to a newer design can be beneficial for your home.

Trim adds visual interest to your space, aesthetically, as it can add dimension and details to it, help to give your entire house a cohesive look, and help your overall design appear more polished.

Since oak trim can add so much to your home’s design visually, it is important to take this element into account when you are deciding on the color scheme for your rooms, as the color of your oak trim needs to coordinate with this color scheme.

Paint colors that go with oak wood trim

There are several aspects to consider when you are adding a new paint color to a room.

If this room has existing features like flooring, countertops, furniture, and, in this, case oak trim, your new paint color will need to coordinate with these elements to ensure that the final design of the room is stylish and cohesive.

Pine trim can vary slightly, in tone and color, ranging from an ashy pale oak or golden honey oak, to the burgundy tones of red oak, depending on the age of the wood and the varnish and stain used on your trim.

It is important to examine the exact tone and color of the wood trim in your house, before planning your color scheme, because this will have an impact on which paint colors will look good in the room.

To help you to narrow down the paint colors that will go with your oak wood trim, you must first decide whether you would like to accentuate or conceal the color of your oak wood trim in your overall room design.

If your oak trim has a warm undertone, you can accentuate this  by choosing a paint color with a cool undertone.

In this case, if your goal is to make your oak wood trim a feature in your design, it will also be a good idea to choose a paint color that is a few shades lighter or darker than that of your trim.

This will help distinguish your wood trim from the rest of the design clearly.

If you want a more neutral look, where the color of your oak trim blends in with your new paint color, it is best to select a shade that also has warmer undertones

. In this case, a color with the same depth as your oak trim can create a very harmonious look, but it may also lead to a very monotone design that could look boring in some rooms.

Choosing a slightly lighter or darker paint color will help you maintain some differentiation and contrast throughout your space.

These principles can be applied to varying tones and shades of oak wood trim, to help you to decide on the best paint color for your space.

Paint colors that go with lighter oak wood trim

Lighter oak wood trim tends to have a slightly yellow undertone to it, and this will increase as the wood ages.

Paints that will contrast with this yellow undertone, to accentuate this it and make your trim stand out, will be colors with blue and slightly purple undertones.

This works because the blue-violet undertones are the opposite of the warmer, yellow undertones of your oak wood trim, and should help to increase the contrast between the color of your trim and your paint color.

Colors with these undertones are usually gray colors. Some examples of these contrasting colors for yellow-toned lighter oak wood trim, include:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Classic Gray Benjamin Moore
Nightingale Benjamin Moore
Sea Salt Sherwin-Williams

If you want a softer look, you will choose paint colors that are neutral, but share the same yellow undertones that your oak wood trim has.

This will allow you to maintain the natural and calming feeling of the lighter wood trim, throughout the entire color scheme of the space(s).

Some examples of these light, neutral colors with slightly yellow undertones are:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Canvas Tan Sherwin-Williams
Soft Wool Valspar

Paint colors that go with honey oak wood trim

Honey oak wood trim is one of the most common types of wood trim and it has a distinct orange-yellow trim. This type of trim is also traditionally a bit darker than a white or yellow oak trim color.

The go-to paint colors, if you would like to accentuate this yellow-orange color, are colors with blue and green undertones.

In much the same way as with the lighter oak types, these cool-toned colors are the exact opposite of the warmer tones in your wood, which should increase the visual interest between the two through added contrast.

Some examples of paint colors that work well to contrast with honey oak wood trim, are:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Rainwashed Sherwin-Williams
Slate Tile Sherwin-Williams
Aegean Teal Benjamin Moore

If you want to coordinate the undertones of your paint color with the undertones of your wood trim, colors with warm, orangey, yellow undertones will blend nicely and create a cohesive color scheme.

In this mid-toned shade range, it is especially important to ensure that there is a notable difference in lightness between the shade of your trim and your wall paint color, to keep your room from feeling too monotone and  flat.

Some examples of colors that coordinate well with honey oak trim include:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Caramelized Sherwin-Williams
Knockout Orange Sherwin-Williams

Paint colors that go with red oak wood trim

If you have oak trim with a reddish, burgundy undertone to it that you love and want to accentuate, a complimentary color scheme will be best.

If you look at the color red on a color wheel, you will find that green is directly across from it. This means that green and green-blue, marine colors work really well to make the red tones of red oak trim stand out in your color scheme.

Some examples of paint colors that fall into this blue-green category and work well with red oak trim include:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Gray Owl Benjamin Moore
Stardew Sherwin-Williams

Red oak is usually a very apparent feature in a design and instead of looking like a neutral wood tone, it becomes a red color that is prominent  in your space.

For this reason, many people choose to pair red oak trim with a neutral color to prevent the room feeling too busy. In this case, the same principles apply as with the other oak tones.

A neutral color with the same warm undertones will work well in the same color scheme as red oak trim, because these colors will automatically look like belong together and flow well.

Some examples include the following:

Shade Brand Color swatch
Agreeable Gray Sherwin-Williams
Spun Cotton Behr
Kilim Beige Sherwin-Williams

Final thoughts

Oak trim, whether it is a lighter, mid-tone or darker color, can be a great focal point in your house’s design.

However, it is important to consider the tone of your wood trim when you want to add a paint color to this room, and how the two colors will interact, as you can use this paint color to accentuate or camouflage the color of your oak wood trim for a striking and interesting visual effect.