Swamp People: Why Ashley has changed so much recently

Although fans have been worried about Ashley’s weight loss, this Swamp People star has now revealed the secret to the positive change she has made.

If you have ever tuned in to watch History’s docuseries, Swamp People, chances are, you already know that hunting alligators for a living is not easy.

Not only do the expert hunters who appear on this show have to brave the dangerous and often unpredictable waters of the swamps of Louisiana, but they also have to overcome a wide range of challenges each year.

With the alligator season getting shorter every year and the oh-so important tags being in short supply, the stars of Swamp People have to make every moment out in the swamps count if they want to bring in enough income to sustain them for the rest of the year.

Is Ashley “DeadEye” Jones sick?

In order to ensure that every Swamp People alligator season is as profitable as possible , these hunters need to be in tip-top shape.

However, some fans are concerned that one beloved Swamp People star may have to bow out of the game at some point soon – following some drastic weight loss in the last few years.

Ashley “DeadEye” Jones has been a fan-favorite rookie-turned-captain on Swamp People for years.

But since this reality television star has been open about her struggle with depression in the past, fans are concerned that her recent weight loss is a sign that Ashley is not doing well health-wise.

Fortunately, though, Ashley has taken to social media during the show’s off-season to explain that she is not sick.

She explains that her new, trim figure is actually the result of some positive changes that she has made in her life over the course of the last few years.

Ashley’s journey on Swamp People

While alligator hunting certainly takes a lot of skill, not all of the hunters who appear on the show have the experience of longtime hunters like Troy Landry, William “Willie” Edwards and Bruce Mitchell.

In fact, Ashley pretty much happened upon this vocation on a whim when she signed on to join Ronnie Adams for a hunt and subsequently earned herself a spot on the show.

Ashley’s journey on Swamp People can be summarized as follows:

Season Initial air date Ashley’s role
Season 10 January 31, 2019, to May 23, 2019 Ashley joins the show as Ronnie Adams’s new partner
Season 11 January 23, 2020, to April 16, 2020 Ashley returns for another season as Ronnie’s partner
Season 12 February 4, 2021, to May 27, 2021 Ashley returns for another season as Ronnie’s partner
Season 13 January 27, 2022, to May 19, 2022 Ashley returns for another season as Ronnie’s partner
Season 14 January 5, 2023, to April 27, 2023 Ashley returns as the captain of her own boat
Season 15 January 4, 2024, to April 25, 2024 Ashley returns as the captain of her own boat

The secret to Ashley’s incredible weight loss

Ashley’s fluctuating weight has been a widely-discussed topic in the last few months, but fortunately, she has now taken to Instagram to explain the reason for her drastic weight loss.

In this post from May 30, 2024, Ashley explains that her 14-month sobriety is the real reason for the sudden change (not an illness).

She states “I stopped drinking 14 months ago and never looked back. It was hindering who I was as a person, and I was tired of having a habit I wasn’t proud of!”

It looks like Ashley is looking and feeling great

Swamp People fans worldwide can certainly breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the recent change in Ashley’s life is a positive one – and, as for the concerns about her metal health – it seems like Ashley is doing just fine.

In fact, Ashley even shared a bit of her experience attending the Tate Reeves Inaugural 2024 Ball recently and gushed “It’s fun to get pretty’d up to know you still can!”

What Ashley has been up to recently

When Ashley is not getting dolled up to go to prestigious events, she is seemingly spending most of her time between filming seasons of Swamp People with her family.

After Ashley spilled the beans about the secret to her recent weight loss, she added that she wants her children to “know they are the most important thing” in her life – and judging by all of the fishing, hunting, camping and general family fun that she has posted about recently, it seems like she has remained true to her word.

Ashley has also found some time to study for her real estate license between all of the filming and spending time with her family.