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SW Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams’s Tricorn Black is a designer favorite because it has all of the drama, but none of the pesky shifting undertones.

Black paint colors have become increasingly popular in the last few years, because they add so much visual interest to a space.

Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is one of the most versatile black paint colors, because it is extremely dark and dramatic, but still very neutral and flexible.

Why black paint is so popular

Adding black paint into your color palette can be intimidating, but because black colors often function as neutrals (albeit bold neutrals) within a space, they actually make for a very timeless design choice. This can be a great option if you want to add some interest and contrast into a design.

Whether you are sticking to accents and trim, or you are considering painting entire walls in your home black, this kind of bold and deep color can be just what you need to create the perfect cozy and contemporary design, which will make your space stand out.

SW Tricorn Black

Black paint has certainly become one of the most popular design trends in the last few years, and for good reason. But it is always important to remember that not all black paint colors are created the same way.

Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams (SW 6258) has often been heralded as one of the most versatile and easy-to-use black paint colors on the market.

This is simply because Tricorn Black has an incredibly low LRV of 3, which means that the color absorbs most of the light that hits it.

This LRV and the fact that Tricorn Black’s undertones are so well-balanced – means that this shade is one of, if not the most, neutral and true-black paint colors that you can possibly choose.

Unfortunately, simply knowing that a color like Tricorn Black is a flexible and versatile choice does not mean that you know how to incorporate it into your home.

Tricorn Black may be neutral, but it is still a punchy, dramatic black, and this is why it is imperative that you understand how Tricorn Black differs from other, similar colors, so that you can understand how and where to use it and how to pair it with other colors.

This will create a cohesive color palette which will not overwhelm the space.

Tricorn Black versus other similar colors

At first glance Tricorn Black can seem quite boring, but in reality, it can be quite difficult to find another black paint color which is as dark and as neutral.

Other popular black paint colors like Caviar and Black Fox (also from Sherwin Williams) have much more noticeable warm undertones and they are not quite as versatile as Tricorn Black.

Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams Caviar – Sherwin Williams Black Fox – Sherwin Williams

Moreover, colors like Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams and Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore are just not quite as dark and, therefore, do not have the same dramatic effect in a space.

Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams Iron Ore – Sherwin Williams Wrought Iron – Benjamin Moore

Where you should and should not use Tricorn Black

Extremely dark colors are typically used as accent colors on the trim, doors, stairs and other woodwork or stand-out architectural elements in the home.

Since Tricorn Black is such a true-neutral black, it will work perfectly as an accent in warm and cool-toned palettes and in direct sunlight on the exterior of a home.

You can also go even bolder and use Tricorn Black on an accent wall if your space is extremely bright and open. However, if you are simply looking for a soft, deep and dramatic shade, then Tricorn Black may be entirely too dark for your space.

Color palette options for Tricorn Black

The best part about incorporating a true-back color like Tricorn Black into your space, is that this shade will automatically create a lot of contrast, especially when paired with one of these light and bright trim colors:

Color name Color swatch
Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore
White Dove – Benjamin Moore
High Reflective White – Sherwin Williams

 You can also use Tricorn Black as the trim color and the main wall color in the space for that ultra-sleek look.

Beyond trim colors, Tricorn Black can be paired with a vast variety of cool and warm colors. This includes subdued, neutral colors and even more colorful options from either end of the scale, as shown below:

Color name Color swatch
Ice Cube – Sherwin Williams
Dovetail – Sherwin Williams
Waterloo – Sherwin Williams
Baked Clay – Sherwin Williams