Stylish ideas for bathroom colors that go with gray

Bathrooms should reflect the design style of the rest of your house, and there are several bathroom colors that go with gray to bring out your personal style.

A bathroom does not have to be removed from the design styles of the rest of your house.

There are several ways to spruce up the design of your bathroom and ensure that it is a practical space, but that it is also stylish and has some personality.

One of these ways is adding a gray color scheme to your bathroom. Gray is a popular interior design color because of its versatility and neutrality.

There are so many different tones and hues of gray that there is sure to be one that suits your bathroom’s design, but this can make it complicated to find other colors for your bathroom that will go with this gray color.

Luckily, there are several neutral and bold color options for you to choose from.

The importance of a good bathroom design

Interior designers and homeowners seem to agree that the day of white-on-white utilitarian bathrooms are a thing of the past.

The design of your bathroom is just as important as the design of any other room in the house and this room needs to match with the ambience and style of the rest of your house, in order for it to truly feel like it is a part of your home.

Your bathroom is more than likely the place where you start and end each day, and this means that it is important that this room is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, to be the perfect bookend for each day.

Many people consider their bathrooms a sort of relaxing sanctuary where they can be alone and decompress from the outside world. Thus, it is important that a bathroom design gives off a spa-like feeling of relaxation.

Oftentimes, the best way to ensure this feeling can be achieved, is by ensuring that the bathroom design has enough storage and a good layout. This ensures that the room can always be clean and organized.

Bathroom designs are important for a myriad of reasons, but as with all interior designs, the most important factor is that your bathroom should speak to your personal style and needs.

Gray as an interior design trend

Although gray has been seen as a bland and boring color in the past, in recent years, the popularity of using gray in various designs has been steadily increasing.

This color has become popular among designers, DIY-experts, homeowners and new buyers because of the neutrality of the color.

Gray can be unassuming and can create the perfect backdrop to make other accessories in the room pop. Also, gray is popular because of the effect that this color can have on the room.

Gray can make any room it is placed in feel calming, yet sophisticated and modern and this means that this color can be used in a variety of different design styles from farmhouse to industrial without looking misplaced or clashing with other design elements.

There are also so many different gray shades and finishes available, that there are more than enough shades to choose from to find the exact right color gray for your space.

There are darker, richer grays which can add a dramatic elegance to your room or even light, soft grays which can be the perfect color to brighten up a gloomy basement.

The various different grays can also have warmer undertones, which can lean more towards a beige-gray or “greige” color for a natural and relaxed look.

And then there are cool, steely grays which can add a striking contrast and help you to modernize your space.

Stylish ideas for bathroom colors that go with gray

With so many different gray colors available, it is no wonder that this gray interior design trend has also been seen more and more in different bathroom designs.

Although gray is a versatile and neutral choice, knowing which colors to pair with your gray color in your bathroom will be an important step in ensuring the success of your bathroom design.

White and gray

White and gray is always a classic match. This combination of colors has just enough contrast to make both the gray and the white elements stand out and shine on their own.

Within a bathroom, a softer white or off-white color is usually a better choice than a cool, pure white, as the warm undertones will keep the room from feeling too stark and utilitarian.

White often works well with a lighter gray color, to create a bright airy room, which is ideal if you have a smaller or darker bathroom.

The following white and off-white colors will work well with a lighter gray color:

  • Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore is a very warm off-white color, which will appear even creamier when placed next to a light gray color.

  • Simply White by Benjamin Moore is a very soft white shade, which will add a lot of brightness to your bathroom.

  • Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams is a very neutral white shade, which has some brown undertones to it.

  • White Wisp by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice if you want a crisp almost pure white look. This color works especially well for details like trim, to give your space an overall crisp and clean look.

These white shades will also contrast beautifully against darker gray and charcoal colors. This should create a design which is visually striking and has a lot of interest.

Dark gray and white colors together will make for an elegant and bold bathroom design.

Choosing white as a bathroom color to pair with gray is a safe option, as these are both very neutral and versatile colors.

This neutral color scheme will give you the opportunity to add more pops of color in terms of towels, rugs and artwork into your bathroom, which will accentuate and reflect your personal style, making the bathroom feel like it is truly part of the rest of your home.

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Gray with gray colors

Since gray is such a versatile color, it makes sense that you would be able to use it for many different elements of your bathroom.

From gray tile floors, wood, towels, walls, wallpaper and everything to gray marble countertops and everything in between – there are certainly endless options when it comes to this color.

Going for a monotone gray-on-gray look can be an effective way to create a very contemporary and striking bathroom design.

In this case, clever lighting and the use of different textures and materials will be the most important factor in ensuring that your room does not end up feeling too drab and dreary.

However, if the monotone look is not exactly what you are looking for, there are so many different shades of gray that you will be able to create a lot of visual interest even if you are technically using the same color all over your bathroom.

Pairing a lighter gray with accents of a charcoal gray or even using lighter grays to brighten up a room with dark walls can be really effective, but it is important to keep the undertones of your various gray colors similar to avoid clashing in your bathroom color scheme.

Pops of bright color with gray

If white and gray paired with more gray seems like too many neutral colors for one room, there are many different bright colors that work well when paired with gray.

Adding these bright pops of color is a good way to make your bathroom stand out and to bring your own personality into the space.

Some examples of these bright pops of color include:

  • Pink and gray bathroom combinations. The pink color can add a touch of femininity to an otherwise cold bathroom design.
© Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels
  • Gray and blue make for a very calm and relaxing combination. This color scheme also works well within the farmhouse design style.
© Christa Grover / Pexels
  • Purple and gray are a good option if you want to focus on cooler tones within your bathroom.
© Rumman Amin / Unsplash
  • Gray paired with a bright green can create a striking visual contrast within your bathroom.
© Sven Brandsma / Unsplash

Gray makes the perfect neutral color to accentuate these colors and make them really stand out in the space.

When using these bolder colors, it is still important to try to use cool undertones (like blue and green colors) with a cool-toned gray color, and warmer undertones (like pinks) with a warmer gray color to ensure that these colors coordinate and work well together.


Interior design styles and trends should be carried over into every room in your house and this includes your bathroom.

Gray can be a smart color choice to accentuate and mirror the interior design styles that you have in the rest of your house, in a more calming and neutral way in your bathroom.

This makes this color convenient to use but can also make it difficult to match with other colors in your bathroom.

Using neutrals like white and other shades of gray can be effective, but bold pops of color can really shine against your neutral gray colors in the bathroom.

In the end, the right color for you will be dependent on your personal preference and design style.