Street Outlaws: America’s List season 3 release date

Discovery has not yet shared an official release date for Street Outlaws: America’s List season three and it looks like the show may be delayed for some time.

Fans of the not-so legal street racing and cast member scuffles that take place within the Street Outlaws franchise are fairly used to things happening under the radar.

However, the communication about show renewals and new seasons within the Street Outlaws franchise has been so few and far between in the last few years that most fans have been left completely in the dark as to when they can expect to see new episodes of their favorite Street Outlaws shows.

An update on Street Outlaws: America’s List season 3

Street Outlaws: America’s List is high on the list of offenders, as it has now been almost two years without an official update about if and when the show will return for a third season.

And, while most of us are still hopeful that we will get to see another round of competitors face off to prove that they have what it takes to earn the top spot on the list, Street Outlaws: America’s List has still not received an official release date or a spot on Discovery’s planned 2024 slate just yet.

For now, it seems as though fans might have to wait a while for this show to make a comeback in the Street Outlaws lineup.

Examining Street Outlaws: America’s List’s airing schedule

While Street Outlaws: America’s List season three has not yet been confirmed, examining how the previous seasons of the show have aired might help us to predict when we can expect season three to return to our screens.

The first two seasons of Street Outlaws: America’s List aired as follows:

Season Premiere date Finale date
Season 1 April 5, 2021 July 5, 2021
Season 2 March 21, 2022 June 13, 2022

It is quite easy to tell from this quick snapshot of Street Outlaws: America’s List seasons past that season three will probably start airing around the end of March or the Beginning of April when the show officially returns for another season.

But since season three does not seem to be on Discovery’s slate for 2024, it seems as though fans may have to wait until March or April of 2025 for new Street Outlaws: America’s List content to air.

Which cast members will be returning for season 3?

Street Outlaws: America’s List notoriously features some of the best racers in America, with names like Jeff Lutz, Precious, Boddie, Monza, Chuck, Big Chief, Damon, Dominator, Jeff James, Kye Kelley, Jim Howe, Chelsea, Eric Bain, JJ da Boss, Scott Taylor, Ryan Martin, Axman, Daddy Dave, Murda Nova and Lizzie Musi appearing in the show’s first two seasons.

And while the season three cast has obviously not been confirmed yet, it is likely that most of these cast members (except for Big Chief) will return if and when the show is renewed for a third season.

Will season 3 feature big tires or small tires?

The other question that still remains for Street Outlaws: America’s List, is whether the show will continue in its usual format if it gets another season, or if it will follow in the footsteps of other Street Outlaws shows and force the competitors to compete with small tires.

Once again, there is no way to tell what the production team will decide in the future, but all signs do seem to point to season three introducing a new small tires format.

Other new Street Outlaws shows to follow in the meantime

The last couple of years have been quite tough for fans of the Street Outlaws franchise and there is still so much that we do not know about what lies ahead for the future of all our fan-favorite street-racing shows.

However, there is one silver lining in all of this, as we finally have an update on Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings season six.

While it has been fairly slow-going over the last few months in the world of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, it seems like things are now going at full speed.

It has now officially been confirmed that the in-person events for Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings season seven will start on April 19, 2024.

But, more importantly, the racing for season seven is reportedly all set to coincide with the release of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings season six.

This means that though there is no word on Street Outlaws: America’s List just yet, you can look forward to at least one (if not two) new seasons within the Street Outlaws franchise before 2024 draws to a close.