Sherwin-Williams paint colors that go with honey oak trim

If you want to update a space with existing honey oak wood trim, there are several different Sherwin-Williams paint colors that will work well to modernize the space.

Sherwin-Williams has been manufacturing and distributing paints for well over 150 years. The brand is well-established and offers a wide variety of paint colors for both internal and external surfaces.

Given the variety of color families and collections to choose from within this brand, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to update a specific space.

However, choosing a color that works well with the accents already in the room, is a good starting point.

If you have a space with existing honey oak trim, there are several possible approaches you could follow in order to spruce up your space, using only a few coats of this Sherwin-Williams paint.

The warm yellow-orange undertones of honey oak trim can be a challenge if you are looking to modernize the design of a space but embracing or contrasting these tones can be an effective way to ensure that your space looks like it belongs in the twenty-first century.

Sherwin-Williams paints

The Sherwin-Williams company was founded in 1866 and since then, has been a well-recognized brand in the interior and exterior paint market.

The company is largely focused on growth and innovation and has earned multiple awards in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation and sustainability.

With 137 manufacturing and distribution facilities across more than 120 countries, it is no wonder that Sherwin-Williams is one of the most trusted and popular paint brands for architectural and industrial coatings.

In terms of architectural coatings, Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of trendy and classic colors for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals who are looking to bring new life to their chosen space.

This range includes paints for use on interior and exterior surfaces and will cover any surface from the top to the bottom of a space.

This range includes paints, stains, the equipment and floor coverings needed to get a professional and stylish space as an end-product.

Sherwin-Williams has an extensive range of paint colors and these colors can be grouped by color family, by their various themed collections, by their best of lists or even by highly advertised and popular colors.

With such a library of different colors, undertones and finishes to choose from, there is sure to be a color to suit every existing or new space.

Honey oak trim

When bringing a new paint color into an existing space, the color and tone of the existing trim is one of the most important factors to consider.

Honey oak trim was a popular feature to insert in houses in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s and because of this, this particular color of trim can easily make a space look dated.

However, completely removing and redoing the trim in a particular space can be a costly and labor-intensive process.

Moreover, homeowners and decorators do not necessarily have the budget, time or energy to do this when modernizing a space.

This means that many homeowners and decorators who are looking to update spaces on a budget or tight timeframe will have to work around this trim when they spruce up a space.

These oak wood trim can discolor over time because of the stains and varnishes applied to the wood, and every space may have its own unique shade of honey oak trim.

Sherwin-Williams paint colors that go with honey oak trim

If you want to find a Sherwin-Williams paint color to refresh a space with existing honey oak trim, there are a few different approaches to color theory which you could follow to give you the best results.

The first approach that many people use when matching paint to honey oak trim is finding a paint color which will have the same dominant undertone, in this case: an orange-yellow, warm undertone, in order to harmonize with the honey oak color.

The second approach consists of finding a paint color with a contrasting undertone, in this case: a bluer, cold undertone, which will neutralize the warmer tones in the honey oak trim.

These complimentary undertones will be opposite each other on the color wheel and will balance each other out when placed directly next to each other.

The third approach consists of relying on modern paint trends, such as dark blue and green colors to make a space feel instantly modern, just because of the trendy nature of these colors.

Of course, there are many Sherwin-Williams paint colors that will fit into these categories, but the tried and tested color that will work well next to honey oak trim, can be summarized as follows:

Warm undertones Cool toned neutrals Blue and Green tones
Shade Code Shade Code Shade Code
Agreeable Gray SW 7029 Alabaster SW 7008 Salty Dog SW 9177
Caramelized SW 9186 Dirty Martini SW 9119 Slate Tile SW 7624
Cavern Clay SW 7701 Polar Bear SW 7564 Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Warm undertones that go with honey oak trim

Many homeowners prefer the look of natural wood over painted wood and would prefer to keep their honey oak trim as is when they are updating a space.

If this is the case and you would like to accentuate the warmer honey tones of your oak trim, while still giving your space a fresher look, a warmer neutral tone will be the perfect option.

A warmer neutral shade will ensure that your new paint color will harmonize with the existing undertones in the room, while the neutral color will help to give the space a more modern feel.

The most popular color in this family is Agreeable Gray (SW 7029). This color offers a sort of blank canvas to ensure that the rest of the decorating elements in any given space have the opportunity to shine.

The warmer undertones of this color work well with the honey oak color, and although the color is lighter, it has enough color to it to make a noticeable difference in a space.

Within the warmer undertones, there are also richer and bolder color choices that would still pick up on the orange undertones of your honey oak trim, such as: Caramelized (SW9186) and Cavern Clay (SW 7701).

These colors are not for everyone, but will have a striking effect in any space that you place them in.

Cool toned neutrals that go with honey oak trim

Although a warmer gray shade can work, many decorators would agree that more neutral, beige colors work the best in rooms with honey oak trim.

Here, the neutral color palette is suitable for almost any space, while the cool undertones will help the paint to contrast slightly with the orange-yellow undertone of the oak.

The most popular shades in this category from Sherwin-Williams include: Alabaster (SW 7008) and Dirty Martini (SW 9119).

Alabaster is slightly lighter than Dirty Martini, and their look will depend on your specific shade of oak and the amount of light in the room.

These cool toned beige shades have a creamy color, which has a more green or blue tinge than a yellow look.

Polar Bear (SW 7564) has a more yellow tone but is a good color if you are looking for an off-white shade for your space.

These lighter shades can help to brighten up a dark room and make it feel new and fresh, while not clashing with the yellow-orange color of your oak trim.

These colors offer enough contrast to stand out against your trim, but the neutrality of the shades ensure that they do not wash the oak color out.

Blue and green tones that go with honey oak trim

Darker blue and green tones have become quite a color and paint trend in the last few years. These cool toned colors offer high contrast when paired with honey oak trim, and this can make for a striking design choice within your space.

The darker blue shades in this category, such as Slate Tile (SW 7624) and Salty Dog (SW 9177) work well when paired with honey oak, as the oak is light enough to ensure that the space will stay vibrant even with such dark colors.

Slate Tile is cooler toned and Salty Dog has a more royal blue color for a more vibrant space.

The Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) color is a very popular Sherwin-Williams color, which is a good middle point between a gray and a blue color choice for your space.


Sherwin-Williams is a trusted brand, which many homeowners and decorators go to when they need paint to paint or repaint an interior or exterior space, because of the wide variety of colors that this brand has to offer.

Many homeowners and decorators also agree that honey oak trim has become outdated, but it is not always possible to remove this trim from the room that you are trying to repaint and redecorate.

The most effective ways to redesign your space around the existing honey oak trim, is to either choose colors with warm undertones which will pick up the honey oak color or to choose a cool-toned neutral or bold shade, which will contrast with the honey oak color.

Following these approaches ensures that the paint color in your room helps to modernize the look of your honey oak trim for years to come.