Sherwin-Williams Eider White undertones

Sherwin-Williams’ Eider White is a complex, warm white color, with undertones that shift depending on the lighting in the room and can pair well with other colors.

There is no shortage of white paint colors in the Sherwin-Williams catalog, but Eider White is a fresh take on a warm white shade that is complex and interesting.

Eider White appears on the same color swatch as many other popular colors and has been featured in many of Sherwin-Williams’ paint collections over the years, because of its warmth and depth.

Some people are skeptical of using this shade at first, because of its complex undertones.

If you understand these undertones and how they interact with different kinds of lighting, it will be easy for you to use this light color in many different rooms and in many different color combinations.

About Sherwin-Williams Eider White

Eider White by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7014) is a warm white color that is the perfect shade to use in bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other room where you want a bright, but not stark, white paint color.

Eider White has a little bit of gray in it, and this makes for a good amount of warmth in the color, overall.

The complexity of this shade is what makes it a favorite among many designers and homeowners, and it was even crowned Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Month in August 2021.

Brightening, white colors have always been popular choices for all-over paint colors in every room of the house.

And this is why Eider White has shown up in so many of Sherwin-Williams’ collections over the years, including: 2020 Haven, Living Well – Unwind, Top 50 Colors, West Elm, Cool White, and Finest Whites.

Eider White appears on the same swatch stick as other go-to paints for designers, such as Repose Gray, Mindful Gray, and Dorian Gray, which indicates that it will be a slightly lighter and brighter version of shades that are well known for their versatility within different interior design schemes.

Sherwin-Williams Eider White undertones

Although Eider White is what seems like a perfect warm white paint color, it has some unique and complex undertones, which can sometimes scare homeowners away from considering it.

Eider White has a very clear gray undertone. However, all gray colors naturally have undertones of blue, green, or purple, in and of themselves.

This means that Eider White is not simply a gray-toned white color, but that it will also reflect purple undertones from this gray color.

This gives Eider White a subtle, warm undertone, which helps the color not look too bland or dull once it is on your walls. However, this also means that the color can shift depending on the lighting of your room.

In north-facing rooms, the gray undertones can make Eider White appear much more purple than it would in warm and neutral lighting.

This could make the entire room feel cooler than it is and can make the color itself look muddy. This is why it is best to stray away from using Eider White in overly dark or cool spaces.

In rooms with southern exposure, or a lot of warm, natural light, the pink and taupe undertones in Eider White become much more apparent.

In this case, it becomes clear that this color is just a lighter version of Repose Gray, but where these pinkish tones tend to disappear slightly in the darker color, they are very prominent in Eider White. This tends to give your room a subtle, warm glow.

The undertones in Eider White can seem very complex, but this is also what makes the color so interesting to work with and what can make it the perfect color if you have been looking for a contemporary warm, white paint shade for a room with a lot of natural light.

The higher LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of Eider White also makes it much more versatile, and there are many coordinating color schemes that go with Eider White.

The LRV of Eider White

The LRV of a color measures how much visible light the color reflects back into the room, with 0 being the blackest black which reflects back absolutely no color, and 100 being the whitest white which would reflect back all of the visible light in the room.

For many paint brands, this is how they determine which color category a particular color should belong to.

Many people feel that Eider White should be considered a very light gray color, because its undertones are so apparent and the other colors on its swatch card are considered very popular gray shades.

However, as the name suggests, Eider White’s LRV places it in the white and off-white color category. With an LRV of 73, Eider white is a very light shade that will reflect back 73 percent of the visual light in the room.

This LRV, and the undertones present in this color, makes it an off-white color that will be great at brightening up any space.

However, since it has a lower LRV than a pure white would have, there is still a possibility that Eider White could look a bit flat, or on the other end of the scale; a bit washed out in certain lighting conditions.

This is why it is always best to swatch the paint you are planning on using in a room, before you commit to the color permanently.

If you are still not sure whether Eider White will work in your space, the right trim color and all-around color scheme of your design can help to anchor this color, or brighten it up further.

Trim colors that go with Eider White

Trim refers to the molding and millwork that can be found throughout your house, which forms a frame around your design.

Since Eider White is such a light shade, it can be difficult to choose a trim color to go with it, that will not just look like more or less the same color, or that will clash with the complex undertones in this color.

Some homeowners and designers choose to work around Eider White’s complex undertones by just using it for the trim as well.

In this case, it is important to remember to choose a different finish for the trim than you did for the walls.

For example, an eggshell finish for the walls and a semi-gloss finish for the trim, so that you still have some textural differentiation, visually, between the different elements in the room.

If this tone-on-tone look is not your style, a good general rule of thumb is that your trim color should be at least one shade lighter or darker than your coordinating wall color.

This means that the LRV of your trim color will need to be at least 10 points lower or higher than the LRV of your wall color.

This ensures that there is enough differentiation between the two colors, and they do not end up looking too similar once they are actually in the room.

White is the most popular color choice for a trim, as this gives your design a clean look.

However, when you have a very light color like Eider White for your wall color, this means that you will have to choose a very light white color for your trim to ensure that the trim stands out.

Some of these very light white colors that work with Eider White include:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore OC-65
High Reflective White Sherwin-Williams SW-7757
Ultra Pure White Behr W-B-500
Snowbound Sherwin-Williams SW-7004

Other colors that go with Eider White

Whether you want to add another color to your color scheme as a wall color, floor color or accent color, the undertones in Eider White can, once again, make it difficult to narrow down which colors will work well.

Just as with trim colors, it is best to choose paint colors that share the same warm and gray undertones that Eider White has. Examples of these are, Chelsea Gray, Fieldstone and Comfort Gray.

This will ensure that you create a color scheme that is coordinated and does not clash. However, Since Eider White is such a light color, it also pairs beautifully with darker colors, such as: Iron Ore and Hale Navy.

The coordinating colors that go with Eider White can be summarized as follows:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Chelsea Gray Sherwin-Williams SW-2850
Fieldstone Benjamin Moore 1558
Comfort Gray Sherwin-Williams SW-6205
Iron Ore Sherwin-Williams SW-7069
Hale Navy Benjamin Moore HC-154

Final thoughts

Eider White by Sherwin-Williams is a very contemporary and complex version of a warm white paint color, which can make it confusing to work with in some cases.

However, once you understand the gray-purple undertones, the LRV of this color, and how they reflect in different lighting conditions, you will be able to find various coordinating colors that match with it.