Sherwin Williams Caviar vs Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams’s Caviar and Tricorn Black are quite similar dark black shades, but Caviar tends to look slightly warmer.

Choosing between similar black paint colors may be tricky, but it can affect your final product drastically.

Even similar colors like Sherwin Williams’s Caviar and Tricorn Black can end up looking totally different from one another once they are actually in the space, based on their undertones, LRVs and general look and feel.

Choosing the right black paint color for your space

Choosing the right paint shade for your space is always tricky, but this process often becomes even more difficult when you have to choose between darker shades.

Especially when the differences between the various shades are not always easy to spot.

Nonetheless, factors like undertones, LRV and overall look and feel, can drastically impact the way that darker colors behave in your space.

Thus, they are important considerations to ensure that the final product turns out the way you want it to.

Sherwin Williams Caviar vs Tricorn Black

If you have ever worn what you thought was an all-black outfit, only to find that all of the black colors did not exactly match once you looked in the mirror, you will know how difficult it can be to notice nuance in darker tones.

However, this does not take away from the fact that black paint colors can be very flexible and can add just the right amount of drama to your design.

Chances are, if you have been looking into some popular black shades to use in your next design project, then the heavy-hitters, Caviar and Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, have come across your radar.

These two shades are certainly both well-loved amongst designers because they can both help to give that really dramatic and contemporary high-contrast look.

However, just because Caviar and Tricorn Black shades look very similar at first glance, it does not mean that they will give you the same look and feel once they are actually in your space.

The subtle differences between Caviar and Tricorn Black are often   most visible when you place these shades right next to each other, as follows:

Caviar – Sherwin Williams
(SW 6990)
Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams
(SW 6258)

When you compare these two shades directly in this way, it is much easier to see that though they are equally dark and bold, Caviar certainly has a slightly earthier look.

Tricorn Black, on the other hand, remains the top choice from the brand if you want a more pure black look in the final product.

Do Caviar and Tricorn Black have the same LRV?

The Light Reflectance Value (or LRV) of a paint color is used to indicate how light or dark a color is, with the blackest black shade sitting at 0 (with 0% of the visible light being reflected).

And the lightest sits at 100 (reflecting 100% of the visible light that touches it).

Caviar and Tricorn Black have exactly the same LRV of 3, which makes them both extremely dark colors.

Caviar’s slightly earthier tone means that this shade can sometimes look just a tiny bit lighter than Tricorn Black in the real world, even though this is not technically the case on paper.

The difference between Caviar and Tricorn Black’s undertones

The main reason why Caviar and Tricorn Black each bring their own, distinct look and feel to a space, is because these colors have a very subtle difference in undertone.

Tricorn Black has a slightly purple blue undertone and Caviar’s undertone leans more towards brown.

In the end, this is exactly what causes Tricorn Black to appear more “black,” while Caviar tends to appear slightly softer and browner.

However, neither of these colors’ undertones are that apparent nor will they shift in varying lighting conditions, which is part of why these colors are such popular choices.

How to choose between Caviar and Tricorn Black

Caviar and Tricorn Black are certainly very similar paint colors, and they can both be used to create quite a contemporary and sophisticated look, with lots of contrast, both on the interior and exterior of the home.

The best way to determine which one of these shades will be most ideal for your space is to consider the look and feel that you ultimately want to create in the space.

Tricorn Black is undoubtedly the best option if you want a true black shade and will work well if creating contrast is your top priority.

However, Caviar is slightly warmer and may work well in spaces where you could use a little more warmth and comfort, alongside the dramatic, dark hue.