Sherwin-Williams’ 16 most relaxing bathroom colors

Sherwin-Williams has a wide selection of colors, which includes light neutral, relaxing, and bold colors, that work well to create a functional and beautiful bathroom.

The color scheme of your bathroom is important, because it can really help to set the mood in the room and help you keep your design style consistent throughout the whole house.

There are so many factors to consider when you are deciding on a color scheme for a space, and even more so in a multi-use space such as a bathroom, since it is important to have a clear idea of the look and feel that you want before you start choosing specific colors.

Sherwin-Williams has a catalog with many different colors that will work for bathrooms, but the trick is finding colors that suit your personal style, work with the fixtures and fittings that are already in the room and suit the functionality of your bathroom and the lighting conditions of the space.

This will help you create a bathroom color scheme that is inviting and clean, feels like a relaxing space to start and end your day, and reflects your personality in an interesting way.

Why your bathroom color is important

When you are redesigning a space, or designing a new space from scratch, there are many factors that go into your final design choices.

These factors include the lighting in the room, the usage of the room, size of the room and, of course, your own personal preferences as far as design elements go.

Bathroom spaces, though often overlooked in the overall design scheme of the house, can be very interesting projects in terms of design. Bathrooms are often small, dark spaces, which can make for complicated color choices.

However, bathrooms are one of the spaces in the home that are used most often. Just as with any other room in the house, a bathroom’s color scheme can be designed to convey a specific mood.

Usually, since bathrooms can be an escape from the world and a space to have a minute to yourself, the color scheme is designed to convey a clean and serene mood in the space.

But since bathrooms are smaller, they can be the ideal space to add a bit of personality into your room, without being concerned that a bolder color scheme or print will overwhelm the rest of your interior design.

Sherwin-Williams bathroom colors

Sherwin-Williams is well-known for having high-quality interior and exterior paint shades. These range from very light to very dark, and everything in between, to suit any decorating project that you have in mind.

However, in general, even with this wide variety of bathroom color options, it can still be very tricky to choose a suitable color scheme for the bathrooms in your home.

Whether you are designing for a newly built bathroom, or simply upgrading your existing bathroom, there are certain elements to keep in mind as you are designing.

Bathrooms, in particular, have many fixtures and fittings that you will need to consider in your color scheme for the space.

This can be done by simply working around elements like sinks, toilets, and cabinets, or making these elements a part of your color scheme, by, for example, painting the bathtub or tiling the shower with a colored tile.

Regardless of which of the aforementioned options you choose, the rest of the colors in your color scheme will need to coordinate with these fittings and fixtures to some degree, if you want a cohesive room design.

It is also important for your bathroom to be on par with the rest of your home’s design. This means that just painting your bathroom a flat color is not always the best option, as it will make this space feel disconnected from the rest of your house.

The colors you choose for your bathroom color scheme should help you convey a specific mood in the space. There are also some practical considerations when it comes to the color design of your bathroom.

A bathroom is a multi-purpose space, which means that it is important that this space always feels clean and hygienic, and that you are able to see and find what you are looking for.

Bathrooms also usually have little to no natural light, which can influence the way that different colors look in the space but can also make it difficult to see small details.

This is why it is important to swatch the colors you choose for your bathroom color scheme in the space, so that you can observe these colors in the space before you make your final decision(s).

Sherwin-Williams has many different colors that will encapsulate all of these elements and help you create a bathroom that is functional and beautiful.

Light neutral bathroom colors by Sherwin-Williams

A neutral color scheme is always a popular choice when it comes to bathroom designs. Choosing light and airy neutrals can make your bathroom seem and feel like a calming and inviting space.

Lighter colors also help to reflect all of the light in the room, which can open up a small or dark bathroom.

Neutrals are a good choice, because these colors, by nature, are quite versatile and work with many design styles.

Neutral colors also blend into the background, to create a warm and brightening base for your room, so that you can add brighter colors and patterns in other places in the design.

Some of the best Sherwin-Williams neutral paint colors for bathrooms are:

1. Extra White (SW 7006)

This off-white color is a popular shade to brighten and add subtle warmth to your space.

2. Alabaster (SW 7008)

A very creamy off-white color, Alabaster adds a comfortable warm undertone to any space and is versatile.

3. Ancient Marble (SW 6162)

This is an interesting beige color with green undertones, which can help you capture that spa-like feel in your bathroom.

4. Passive (SW 7064)

This is a versatile pale gray color, which adds some depth to your room, without making it feel too dark.

Sherwin-Williams paint colors for relaxing bathrooms

Bathrooms can often act as bookends to your day, being the first room in the house that you see in the mornings, and the last you see before you go to bed.

A bathroom is also sometimes the only truly private space, especially in a busy home.

As a result, many people prefer to have a bathroom color scheme that is calming and serene, to counteract the stress of a busy house or a busy day, either passed or to come.

Sherwin-Williams is aware of this fact and has curated a selection of paint colors which will help you create a relaxing mood in your bathroom. These shades include:

5. Napery (SW 6386)

This is a warm, yellow shade that adds a bit of color to your bathroom design.

6. Kind Green (SW 6457)

A vibrant minty green shade that will add a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom.

7. Veiled Violet (SW 6286)

This is a very soft purple shade that can add some personality to your bathroom, but keep the overall scheme relaxing and soothing.

8. Rain (SW 6219)

This is a soft but noticeable blue shade that is calming and will help you to create an interesting color scheme in your bathroom.

Bold Sherwin-Williams bathroom paint colors

Bathrooms can often be the perfect spaces for experimenting with bold colors and designs, because they are such small, tucked away rooms.

The strategic use of darker and brighter colors can also help you create a visual effect, which may make your bathroom look bigger or more interesting.

A bold or dark color works well as an accent wall, or to draw the eyes to a certain design or architectural feature in the room that you may want to accentuate.

Sherwin-Williams also has some bolder color options that work within bathroom designs. These colors work well as focal points and accents to make the space more interesting visually and to add some personality into your overall room design.

These shades are:

Nr. Shade Color code Color swatch
9. Cascades SW 7632
10. Window Pane SW 6210
11. Rock Garden SW 6195
12. Inkwell SW 6992
13. Naval SW 6244
14. Evergreen Fog SW 9130
15. Exuberant Pink SW 6840
16. Daisy SW 6910

Final thoughts

Your bathroom design should feel like an extension of your personality and the rest of your house, even though it is often a small room.

Therefore, it is important to choose a color that will help you achieve the exact mood and atmosphere that you want for the space.

Sherwin-Williams has many different colors to choose from for interesting, functional, and beautiful bathroom designs.

This includes light neutrals for an open and airy feel, relaxing shades to create a spa-like space in your bathroom, and bolder color options for designs that will truly stand on their own.

The choice comes down to which color will suit your functional and design needs best in your bathroom space.