Selecting living room colors that work

Among all the design trends in 2024, the colors that will set the mood for your space are some of the most important for living room designs.

There are several design trends for living rooms in 2024, which can help you to add elements or change your living room design slightly in order to modernize your space and make it feel new again.

The color scheme you choose for your living room is important for the overall design style, and also to ensure that the rooms reflect your personality and the emotions you want to feel within this room.

There are several color psychology principles that can help you to narrow down some of the trending colors to ensure that your living room is stylish, but also creates the right mood and fits into your own style and personality.

Living room trends for 2024

The interior design of your living room is an important factor in ensuring that this room feels welcoming and relaxing.

Looking at what is trending for this year, can be a great way to freshen up your living room and make the space feel new and exciting again.

One of the biggest living room trends for 2024 is the continuation of adding natural elements into indoor design schemes.

With a large number of people still working from home and just spending more time indoors in general, design trends tend to focus on bringing elements from the outside world, to the inside of the house.

Biophilic designs have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and this trend is not losing momentum.

This trend centers on creating very relaxing spa-like spaces that have natural lighting elements and lots of greenery and natural textures.

This natural theme ties in nicely with the other trends that are picking up speed, namely: the use of sustainable materials.

Even in gathering spaces like living rooms, there is an increased focus among homeowners and designers to repurpose upcycle and generally be more sustainable in their buying practices when it comes to furniture and other décor elements.

Living rooms are meant to be comfortable spaces, where the whole household can relax and socialize. This sentiment has led to an increase in rounded shapes and furniture.

Shorter, curved lines and sculptural furniture pieces can help to create a welcoming, safe space within living rooms, which is why this style has become so popular.

Other elements that add warmth and comfort to spaces, such as rugs, pillows and throws have also been updated in the New Year.

Natural textures like linen, hessian, tuft and coconut fibers are popular as a way to add a bit of nature and visual texture to a room, while the overall feeling of the room stays fairly warm and soft.

Like always, color schemes are also an important part of updating and modernizing your living room space.

Why the color scheme of your living room is important

Color is one of the most integral parts of any design scheme. The color scheme in a room can not only change the size of objects and the room itself, but it can also change the mood of people when they are in the room.

Color psychology can affect how we feel when we enter and spend time within rooms. Therefore, it is important to choose colors for your living room that match your personal style and personality.

This makes the room feel like it belongs to you, and it will help you feel comfortable in the room, but it is also important to choose colors that encourage warmth and a relaxed feeling to help this room to truly be enticing to your household and guests.

The best color for your living room should combine color psychology, your own personality and style and the latest living room trends in order to truly capture a mood, but feel comfortable for you to live and function in.

Color psychology in living rooms

Color psychology dictates that certain colors have certain connotations to most people and can trigger emotions, and this can help you to create a specific mood in a room, just by using colors strategically.

Although color psychology is not an exact science and not all people react to certain colors in the same way, all people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, culture, or experience will have some sort of emotional reaction to different colors.

Color psychology can also help you to inject some of your own personality into your space.

People tend to gravitate towards colors that match their personalities, with extroverts choosing bold, warmer colors like red and oranges, while introverts choose calmer, more subdued colors like blues and greens.

This means that you should always keep your favorite colors in mind when deciding on the color scheme of your living room, as this is a good way to make the space feel like it belongs to you.

Using color to elicit emotions can also help you to create a very specific mood in your living room. Using red colors in your living room can make for a very energetic and fun living room, which will lead to more conversations and bonding.

Blue and green colors can create a feeling of relaxation, which is good if you want your living room to feel like a relaxing oasis.

What are the living room colors for 2024?

Keeping these general color psychology principles in mind can help you to choose between popular colors to create a living room that matches your personality and style.

Warm neutral colors

Adding warm, neutral colors to your living room space helps to connect some of the natural elements in your living room with each other.

These colors also create a warm, light and airy mood within your living room and can make the space feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Playing with different textures in a room with a lot of warm, neutral colors, such as tan, beige, cream and off-white colors, is essential to ensure that the colors do not all blend together and become boring.

These colors also provide some contrast when they are juxtaposed with other cooler tones like blues and grays, which will just accentuate the softness of your living room and establish it as the gathering spot in your home.

Some examples of paint colors that fall into the warm neutral category include:

Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams

A warm beige color, which is very versatile and will work well when paired with any other warm colors and contrast beautifully with cooler tones.

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams

A lighter, creamy off-white color that will add a lot of brightness and subtle warmth to your space.

School House White by Farrow and Ball

Is a muted off-white color. Although this color is one of the trending colors for 2023, it is designed to be a timeless color, which will look good for years to come.

These warm neutrals may be trending for a reason. They are a classic color choice that will work well to create a cozy space, which leaves you some freedom design-wise to add other items that reflect your personality.

Blue colors

Since there has been a rising trend to bring natural elements into the interior of the home, it is no wonder that lighter blue colors which mirror the color of blue skies, have also increased in popularity for this year.

Pastel blue shades are soothing and can uplift the entire mood of your living room. Although this lighter blue color is not considered a neutral, the color is subdued and soothing enough to be used in spaces like living rooms.

This light blue color can be added as an accent color, through softer accessory pieces that add texture and interest to the space, like this Bourina Decorative Throw Blanket, which is not too heavy or warm to be placed in your living room year round.

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This color can also be painted on various surfaces like walls and furniture within your living room, for a more striking effect. Some popular paint colors for this light blue shade include:

Bright Skies by Dulux

This is the brand’s 2022 color of the year, which will add new life and a fresh look to your living room.

Lulworth Blue by Farrow and Ball

This is a slightly toned-down version of a light blue color, which could be used as an alternative to a gray color palette.

Using blue colors in your living room is a great way to reflect a quiet personality, but keep a relaxing and open mood in your living room design, which makes it the perfect space to unwind.

Final thoughts

Living room design trends in the past few years have centered around themes of nature, sustainability and organic shapes.

Design styles that focus on bringing elements from outside, to the interior of the house, have significantly increased in popularity.

The color psychology and trending colors of 2024 follow these same patterns, with warm earthy colors and light blues carrying the nature themes over into the interior color schemes of living rooms this year.