Ready to Love: Lamar’s divisive season 9 run

There is always a lot of tension on Ready to Love, but Lamar’s comments have not earned him any favors with the season nine ladies or the fans.

Trying to find a love match on national television certainly comes with a few caveats. b=But if there is one thing about OWN’s dating show, Ready to Love, that has always been true – it is that you will be sent home if you are, in fact, not ready to find love.

This sentiment was proven right off the bat in season nine, when Damonte was sent packing in episode one and Patricia in episode two, after the other competitors deemed that they simply just not ready to find that once-in-a-lifetime true love connection just yet.

The real reason why Lamar went home so early

And unfortunately for the 34 year-old coach and entrepreneur, Lamar, it seems like the writing about his episode four elimination has been on the wall for a while.

If you have been following along with season nine of Ready to Love since the beginning, you will already know that Lamar’s interactions with the season nine ladies has sparked a lot of controversy.

Lamar started raising eyebrows during his first on-air date when he made Patricia feel uncomfortable with his line of questioning in their very first interaction.

And, unfortunately, it has all seemingly been downhill from there, with the comments on OWN’s most recent Instagram posts about the show calling Lamar a “creep” and “clueless” (among other things).

Ready to Love: Lamar’s divisive season 9 run

And, while there is certainly some room for debate around why he really wanted to be on the show in the first place, there is no denying that Lamar has just never really found a deeper connection with any of the season nine ladies.

And therefore, it seems like it was simply time for him to leave the competition.

Who voted to send Lamar home?

Given all of the cast shake-ups that we have seen so far on season nine, Lamar actually ended up making it quite far into the competition.

However, his run finally came to a halt at the end of episode four, when the majority of the season nine ladies voted for him to go home

Episode four’s lounge discussion can be outlined as follows:

Cast member Vote
Mieka Jonathan
Mya Lamar
Alexis Lamar
Vanessa Lamar
RaSheena Lamar
Patrice Will
Koshiea Will

How did Lamar get cast on the show?

The rollercoaster that has been season nine of Ready to Love has certainly kept long-time fans of the show on their toes.

But it has also brought up some important questions about how the show screens its cast members before they arrive to film the first episode.

And while we do not know exactly how Lamar ended up being cast on this season, the season nine ladies did reveal that they had undergone quite an extensive casting process before they could start filming.

According to Layllen, the producers invited her to join the cast, but she still had to go through several rounds of interviews and a mental health screening before she was offered an official contract.

So, it is quite likely that Lamar went through a similarly vigorous process before he was selected as one of the 20 lucky singles who would compete to find love on this season.

All about Lamar’s replacement

Technically, it would probably be more accurate to say that Justin was brought on to replace Glen, and not Lamar, but since he was brought on in the exact same episode in which Lamar was sent home – it seems only fair to look into the man who took his place.

Justin is a 34 year-old teacher, and unlike Lamar, he seems to have already formed a connection with one of the season nine ladies – despite technically only being invited on one Ready to Love solo-date in episode four.

The show must go on

It might be too soon to tell whether we have any truly serious Ready to Love relationships emerging yet, but it does seem like the remaining season nine cast members are starting to couple up.

In fact, after the deliberations in Tommy’s lounge, it seems like the season nine ladies’ current romantic interests can be summarized as follows:

The season 9 ladies Their top dates for episode 4
Patrice Alonzo
Mya Laron
Koshiea Laron
Vanessa Chaz
RaSheena Justin
Mieka Dominique
Alexis Will

However, it seems like episode five’s pajama party may just throw a wrench in some of these budding new relationships.

Moreover, since the men will have all the power in this next episode, it should be interesting to see whether they feel the same way about the ladies who fought to keep them around in episode four.