Ready to Love: Koshiea

Koshiea’s Ready to Love journey has come to an abrupt end, but this leaves a lot of unanswered questions up in the air.

Season nine of Ready to Love is set against the beautiful backdrop of Fort Worth, Texas and has seen twenty-ish hopeful locals put it all on the line, in the hopes of forging lasting connections with members of the opposite sex.

So far, we have seen the season nine cast attend thoughtful mixers, intimate (and sometimes awkward) solo dates, and challenging group dates.

And while some people have been able to nurture their sparks, other relationships have fizzled out.

Everything you need to know about Koshiea in Ready to Love

Koshiea, a 36 year-old realtor and machine learning program manager, has been one of season nine’s most talked-about cast members.

When she was first introduced, she revealed that she was a proud career woman who has already had two kids and would be open to having more.

Sadly though, as time progressed, Koshiea found her journey to find love slightly side-tracked by a few more-than awkward spats with the season nine men (this includes Alonzo and more recently, Laron) and she was ultimately eliminated from the competition.

However, now that Koshiea has been sent home, there are a few lingering questions that we hope will be addressed within the next few episodes.

Koshiea’s Ready to Love season 9 run

Before we get into some of season nine’s biggest lingering questions, it is important to examine how Koshiea did throughout her run.

Koshiea is actually one of only a few of Ready to Love season nine cast members who has been entertaining us since the very first episode.

And she did technically manage to make it all the way to this season’s sixth episode before being eliminated. All in all, Koshiea’s trajectory on the show can be summarized as follows:

Episode Status
Episode 1: “Hot and Bothered” Not up for elimination
Episode 2: “The Good, Bad and Freaky” Not up for elimination
Episode 3: “Finger Linkin’ Good” Bottom two (safe)
Episode 4: “Getting Intimate” Not up for elimination
Episode 5: “Pajama Jam” Bottom two (no elimination this episode)
Episode 6: “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” Eliminated

Will Laron be able to find someone new?

Now that Koshiea has been eliminated, there really is no use discussing who was in the right or in the wrong during the very awkward interaction between her and Laron at the Pajama Jam party.

However, with his main love interest now gone, it seems like Laron may have just partied his way out of a love connection this season.

There may be some potential for something romantic between Laron and Mya, but Mya has also expressed an interest in Justin.

And at this point, it may be too late for Laron to try and start something new with the other season nine ladies.

Who will be leaving the show next?

The most recent, sixth episode of Ready to Love ended with a rather dramatic double elimination. And with the cast dwindling down so quickly, it is time to start thinking about who might be following in Koshiea’s steps soon.

Alexis’s willingness to engage in endless spats about the same issue will likely keep her around for a while (as long as she stays in the season nine men’s good graces).

On the other hand, Vanessa’s fairly reserved approach may start counting against her soon, as there will be less room for casual connections moving forward in the game.

It is likely that Patrice and Mieka may be on their way out soon as well, as it does not seem like they have formed really strong bonds with any of the season nine men just yet.

Is there behind-the-scenes drama at Ready to Love?

If you have been following everything that has happened this season on Ready to Love, you will already know that Koshiea had quite an intense on-screen tussle with her Ready to Love co-star, Alexis.

However, it is her interaction with season nine’s gentleman suitors that has garnered the most attention from fans. Koshiea has now had misunderstandings with not one, but two of the Ready to Love season nine men.

And, while this is not necessarily unheard of for the show – it has caused some fans to question whether the Ready to Love production is doing enough to protect its female cast members.

A string of recent comments on OWN’s Instagram page range from a simple “This kinda creepy bro” to “I may have to add this to my list of OWN shows I refuse to watch due to the negative light they place on POC.”