Ready to Love: Does Justin even stand a chance?

Justin is the Ready to Love cast’s newest addition, but he has started out at a considerable disadvantage.

Ready to Love season nine has certainly started off with a bang. We are only four episodes in, but so far we have seen one person fail to show up for the first mixer, one person take a leave of absence due to family and personal responsibilities, and even a brand new addition to the show’s ever-dwindling cast of hopeful singles.

In the show’s most recent “Getting Intimate” episode, the host, Thomas Miles (also known as “Nephew Tommy”) challenged the remaining season nine ladies to get to know the men in settings which are close to their hearts.

But, before we could get into all of the flirting and awkwardness that ensued, Miles took the opportunity to introduce a brand new cast member.

Why Justin’s Ready to Love run may be shorter than expected

Justin is a 34 year-old P.E. teacher, and like many of the other singles on the show this season – he is guilty of placing his romantic life on the backburner for most of his adult life.

But while Justin might now be ready to focus all of his available attention on finding true love – we cannot help but feel like he is just too far behind in the competition already.

The reality is that though Justin seems like a fairly solid choice for any of the season nine ladies, he is entering the competition on the back foot, and with the dates already getting more and more important with each episode – he may not be able to catch up to the competitors who have been flexing their dating skills since the very first episode.

The season 9 rundown (so far)

This season of Ready to Love had been filled with all kinds of drama. This not only includes the usual awkward dates (and even more awkward allegiances which have formed), but also all of the casting decisions that have gone awry in the last four episodes.

To recap, the Ready to Love season nine cast, as it stands at the end of episode four, can be summarized as follows:

Introduction Cast member Status
Episode one group Glen Self-eliminated
Damonte Eliminated
Will Still in the game
William Still in the game
April Eliminated
Mieka Still in the game
Alexis Still in the game
Kosheia Still in the game
Domonique Still in the game
Laron Still in the game
Episode two group Vanessa Still in the game
Patricia Eliminated
Mya Still in the game
Layllen Week off
Patrice Still in the game
Rasheena Still in the game
Chaz Still in the game
Jonathan Still in the game
Alonzo Still in the game
Lamar Eliminated
New additions Justin Still in the game

All about Justin’s first date

Justin seems to have made a positive impression, not only with RaSheena (with whom he had his very first solo-date this season), but also with the fans who watched the show this week.

However, it would be downright silly for Justin to make too much of a fuss in his first episode as a newcomer (and in a week that the men are up for elimination, no less).

So there is still a chance that we may see a whole new Justin emerging in the near future.

What Justin has missed out on so far

Dating in real life is difficult enough as it is, but long-time Ready to Love fans will already know that there is an even steeper learning-curve to dating on the show.

And, through no fault of his own, Justin has missed out on a lot of practice dating by missing the first three episodes of this season.

In fact, while it is clear that Justin is still trying to find the happy medium between seeming interested without seeming entirely too serious for this kind of show, other cast members like Mya and Laron, Chaz and Vanessa and more, have already started forming meaningful connections.

And this lack of history with this season’s women may end up hurting Justin’s chances in the long run.

The drama on the horizon for the season 9 men

Whether Justin will be able to find a meaningful connection with one of the season nine ladies remains to be seen, but he is seemingly not the only cast member whose future on the show hangs in the balance.

Next Friday’s “Pajama Jam” episode will see both Laron and Jonathan straighten out some difficult details with their favorite season nine ladies. And it does not seem like everyone will be ending this episode on a happy note.