Picking the right paint color to go with your honey oak cabinets, flooring, shelves, trim

Honey oak fixtures have very warm, yellow-orange undertones, which can be camouflaged or complimented depending on the wall paint colors that you choose.

The color you choose for your walls is an important part of your interior design, because color plays a big role in the mood and the flow of the room.

Different colors can be used strategically to hide or accentuate certain design features, which is why it is such an important factor to consider.

When you need to choose a wall color to go with an existing feature like a honey oak fixture, this can complicate the process even further, because the wall color you choose will need to fit your design vision and aesthetics, but also should not clash with the tones of your existing features.

In terms of honey oak cabinets, the distinct yellow-orange color undertones will be an important factor to consider when you are choosing wall colors for your space.

Why wall paint color is important

The wall paint color you choose for a room is an important factor in the overall look and feel of the space.

The wall color of a room is one of the first things that guests will notice when they walk into a room, and also one of the ways to create a certain atmosphere in your room.

The color of your walls is important, because without the strategic use of color to create a flow and ambience within a space, it could end up feeling lifeless and uninspired.

The right shade of paint can help you accentuate or hide certain parts of the architecture and design of your home, depending on your personal preference. It can also help you to capture a specific mood within your space that will accentuate your design.

This will give you a design that both suits your personal design style, and is functional for the space, the people in the space, and the use of it.

However, with so many different brands, colors and finishes to choose from, it can be quite daunting to pick the right paint colors for your walls.

The best wall paint colors to go with honey oak

Choosing the right paint color for your space can be challenging, and there are many factors to consider, besides what looks good and conveys the intended mood.

Most of the time if you are repainting or painting your walls, you will also need to consider the other elements that are already present in the space before you start planning your color scheme.

In this case, one of the fixed elements in the room that you have to take into account when you are choosing a wall paint color, is your honey oak cabinets.

There are different reasons why people decide to keep their honey oak fixtures, even if the look of these fixtures is slightly outdated, like the durability of solid wood fixtures, the warmth of the natural wood tones, or even just the look of natural wood and grain.

These honey oak fixtures have been a popular design choice since the 80s and, as a result, they can date your space if you are not strategic in the surrounding color choices.

The color you choose for your walls can help you modernize your space, but it should still match with the honey oak color to ensure that your room feels like a cohesive space.

Honey oak fixtures have a distinct yellow-orange color, which can be a very prominent feature in a room.

These warm tones which are present in oak fixtures, such as: cabinets, flooring, shelves, trim and many more, can be a good place to start when you are planning your color scheme.

The wall colors you choose can then either coordinate or contrast with this honey oak color. According to color theory, colors can be broken up into two categories, namely: colors with warm undertones and colors with cool undertones.

Honey oak fixtures would fall under the warm undertone category, which will allow you to choose different wall colors that are in this same category or in the cool category, depending on the look you prefer for your room.

Camouflaging wall paint colors to go with honey oak

Your honey oak fixtures will always have a warm undertone. If you choose a wall paint color that also has warm undertones, this could camouflage and blend your honey oak colors into the background.

Since all of the colors in this color scheme will now have the same undertones, your honey oak fixtures will just disappear among all the similar tones.

This will also result in a very warm and inviting, coordinated, overall color scheme, as all of the colors will blend and flow together.

In this case, the closer you get to matching the exact yellow and orange tones in your honey oak colors, the more your wall paint color will help to camouflage your honey oak fixtures.

Some of the best wall paint colors that have these warmer undertones and go well with honey oak, are:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Manchester Tan Benjamin Moore HC-81
Pale Oak Benjamin Moore OC-20
Mindful Gray Sherwin-Williams SW 7016
Collingwood Benjamin Moore OC-28
Delaware Putty Benjamin Moore 240
Naturel Sherwin-Williams SW 7542

Complimentary wall paint colors to go with honey oak

A complimentary color palette consists of colors that are located on the opposite ends of the color wheel.

If you then consider that honey oak has warm, orange-yellow undertones, these complimentary colors will consist of cooler tones of blue and purple colors.

When two complementary colors of exactly the same intensity and tone are mixed together, they will completely cancel each other out to form a neutral gray.

In much the same way, when a cool-toned complimentary wall paint color is placed next to a warm-toned honey oak fixture, these two colors will neutralize each other.

This means that your honey oak fixtures will appear much less yellow-orange, and leads to a more subdued overall palette, which is ideal if the honey oak color is not to your personal taste.

Some examples of cool-toned wall paint colors that will work well with honey oak fixtures include:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Pleasant Valley Benjamin Moore 696
Salamander Benjamin Moore 2050-10
Seattle Gray Benjamin Moore 2130-70
Sterling Silver Benjamin Moore 1461
Ellie Gray Sherwin-Williams SW 7650

White and off-white wall paint colors to go with honey oak

White and off-white have always been popular choices for wall colors. These bright colors bounce a lot of light around any room and can make your space feel open and airy.

White and off-white paint colors are also popular, because they are unimposing in most cases and this leaves you some freedom to add other colors and interesting elements such as textures and patterns to the rest of your design, without making the room feel like it is too busy.

White and off-white colors can look deceivingly simple, because they are so light. However, these colors will also have either warm or cool undertones, which can have an effect on the way that these colors look once they are in the room with your honey oak fixtures.

In this case, it would be best to stick to warmer undertones, as there will be enough contrast between the darker wood tones and the lighter wall color. Moreover, contrasting warm and cool tones may make the whole room’s color scheme feel too busy.

Some of the best white and off-white wall paint colors that go with honey oak, are:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
White Dove Benjamin Moore OC-17
Decorator’s White Benjamin Moore CC-20
White Tie Farrow and Ball 2002
Navajo White Benjamin Moore OC-95
Everyday White Sherwin-Williams SW 6077

Final thoughts

Keeping your honey oak fixtures and simply updating the color scheme around these elements has several advantages.

This way, you get an updated look for your space, and you get the durability, warmth and natural look that comes with oak wood.

If you want to center your wall paint color scheme around your honey oak fixtures, you can either choose to coordinate or contrast with the warm undertones in the honey oak elements.

Choosing a warm-toned color will camouflage your honey oak cabinets, which will lead to a more harmonious design, overall.

Whereas, choosing a cool-toned color, like a cool gray will help to neutralize some of the orange and yellow tones in your honey oak fixtures, which will make these elements less apparent in your overall design.

A lighter neutral color, such as a white or off-white color, is a popular choice for any space, because this allows you some room in your design for creativity with other elements.

However, light neutral colors with warmer undertones are usually better with wood colors, such as honey oak. Therefore, there are different options for colors that will work well with honey oak fixtures.