parkrun Lonehill indefinitely suspends weekly activity

parkruns across the country have been suspended indefinitely, with Lonehill runners left unsure of what to replace their Saturday morning group run with.

parkrun Lonehill will only be able to resume once the nationwide lockdown has been lifted completely, due to the large groups of people running in close proximity. Long distance runners often find it difficult to run with their masks on, making it an added danger to have them gather in groups for the Saturday morning event. As of November 2020, parkrun Lonehill has assisted in offering tips and tricks to stay active on its website, understanding that the lockdown has imposed a lifestyle change for many runners.

Johannesburg residents previously used the Saturday morning run as a social event, as it allowed them to meet other runners of different fitness levels. The Lonehill parkrun was amongst the most popular ones across South Africa, with approximately 200 people gathering each weekend. It is unclear if it will continue as normal in the near future, but it is advisable for runners to find alternative ways of socialising and exercising in the meantime.

Sayushka Naidoo