Our predictions for the Love Off the Grid season 2 release date

If Love Off the Grid is renewed soon, the show could be on Discovery+ before the end of 2024.

These days, every streaming service in the market is vying to entice more customers over to their side.

And one of the most popular ways for streaming services to do this is to create exclusive original content which viewers will not be able to find anywhere else.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service, Discovery+, has joined the epic crusade to win over viewers, and has produced an extensive variety of original content over the years.

This includes a whole slew of spin-offs of the ever-popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise, such as 90 Day: The Single Life, 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, and more.

It also includes shows like “Luda Can’t Cook”, “Selling The Hamptons” and even “Ghost Hunters: Taps Returns”.

Why we do not have an official release date for season 2

Many avid Discovery Channel fans consider this streaming service somewhat of a hidden gem and shows like the dating docuseries, Love Off The Grid, have managed to amass a considerable following, despite the fact that it was released straight-to-streaming.

In case you missed it, Love Off the Grid is like a Naked and Afraid, meets 90 Day Fiancé, meets Homestead Rescue dating show.

In this show, four tragically single, off-the-grid dwellers invite their prospective partners to join them on their remote properties.

However, while Love Off the Grid has become one of Discovery+’s biggest success stories, the network has still not officially announced its season two return just yet.

But, that being said, Love Off the Grid has also not been officially cancelled just yet – and, we are still holding out hope that this enticing docuseries will return for a second season very soon.

Predicting Love Off the Grid’s season 2 release date

While we do not have an official update for Love Off the Grid season two just yet, that will not stop us from making a few educated guesses about when and how the show may return.

The first season of Love Off the Grid was released as followed follows:

Episode Initial release date
1.     “Will They or Won’t They?” January 30, 2022
2.     “Shacking Up” January 30, 2022
3.     “Redneck Playboy Mansion” February 6, 2022
4.     “Three’s a Throuple” February 13, 2022
5.     “Polyamory Problems” February 20, 2022
6.     “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” February 27, 2022
7.     “The Aftermath” March 6, 2022

If the show’s second season follows this pattern, it is likely that the show could only be returning as late as January 2025.

However, if Warner Bros. Discovery decides to bring Love Off the Grid back soon, a Fall release would not be entirely out of the question.

This would mean that the show could be back as early as September 2024, but, at this stage, everything is really still up in the air.

Will any of the season one cast members return for season 2?

The first season of Love Off the Grid actually ended with a special episode which checked in with all of the couples in the show’s first season.

This special revealed that two of the Love Off the Grid couples – Angela and Josh, and Spence and Lyndsay – had called it quits. However, it now seems like Joe and Myesha have also gotten divorced in the time since this special was filmed.

This makes Charlie and Jen the only “surviving” Love Off the Grid couple and the only couple that fans can expect to see if the show returns for a second season.

What to expect if Love Off the Grid does return for season 2

As we see it, there are two main routes that the Love Off the Grid producers can follow if the show is brought back for another season.

Either they can follow the season one cast (single or not) as they try to find off-the-grid love, once again, or they can follow an all-new cast which is in the same situation as the season one cast.

Other Discovery+ shows you might like

While we wait for an update on Love Off the Grid in the future, this might be an excellent time to check out all the other entertainment that Discovery+ has to offer.

Love Off the Grid was produced by some of the same people who produce shows in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, so any show within this franchise should be able to fill the Love Off the Grid void.

But we suggest that you consider “Tiger Queen” or “Say Yes to the Dress: In Sickness and In Health” if you want that true, documentary feel.