Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: When did Duane Ollinger buy Blind Frog Ranch?

It seems like the biggest mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is when Duane Ollinger actually purchased this property.

Mystery, paranormal activity, hidden treasures, and local folklore are all the order of the day at Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s titular Uintah Basin property, but most recently, the biggest questions surrounding this 160-acre property have not been about what might be hidden beneath its surface.

In fact, now that the third season of Mystery at Blind Frog has drawn to a close, many fans have found themselves wondering about just one thing – when exactly Duane purchased this property.

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch inconsistencies

And, unfortunately, as with anything Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch-related, it seems like many of the Ollingers’ stories about Blind Frog ranch simply do not add up once you start digging a little deeper.

For one, Duane is not the sole owner of Blind Frog Ranch. He actually only owns about 66% percent of the property – a detail which the show quite frequently omits from its narrative.

Another detail that the show apparently got wrong is that Duane apparently did not purchase the property in 2018, as was stated in the show’s very first episode.

In fact, Duane has now repeatedly stated in interviews that it has been over a decade since he purchased this now-famous property, which would put the actual year of his purchase around 2012.

Fortunately, there are some other details about the Ollingers’ history with the property that we can confirm regardless of when the property was purchased.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Where we are now

In the end, most of the questions surrounding Blind Frog Ranch and its owner would not exist without the show.

And since Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch only recently concluded its third season on television, it only seems fair to recap the show as a whole.

As it stands, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch can be outlined as follows:

Detail Description
Series premiere “What Lies Beneath” aired on January 1, 2021
Most recent episode “Into the Cavern” aired on January 3, 2024
Total number of episodes 22
Network Discovery
Season four Pending

How Blind Frog Ranch got its name

Duane, Chad and the rest of their team have certainly found some very strange things through the course of the last three Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch seasons.

But the ranch got its name from the first weird thing that the team discovered when they started digging deeper into this mysterious property’s secrets.

As you may already know, Duane believes that the rumored $3 billion worth of Aztec treasure is buried somewhere in the cave system which buried beneath the surface of Blind Frog Ranch.

However, when the team started their first ever excavations into this confusing underground cave system, they not only encountered the surprise floods (which long-time fans of the how will be very familiar with), but also a colony of frogs who had spent years living in the murky underground waters.

And once Duane encountered hundreds of these strange frogs living on the property, he decided that the ranch should be named after their first strange discovery.

When was Duane approached about the show?

The timeline of events (and even the ownership of Blind Frog Ranch) may not always be the easiest to follow, but we do have a slightly more concrete answer to when things started falling into place for the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch show.

According to an interview which Duane and Chad did with Idaho Press in November of 2023, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch wheels actually started turning years before the show started airing in 2021.

Apparently, Duane asked Chad to jump in with the work on Blind Frog Ranch back in 2019, and Discovery contacted them about doing the show shortly thereafter.

Why did Duane buy Blind Frog Ranch?

If you are all caught up on all of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s most recent episodes, you will know that finding that rumored Aztec treasure is what drives Duane and the rest of the team to keep doing what they are doing in every new season.

However, before Duane resigned himself to becoming a full-time treasure hunter and investigator – he simply agreed to help some of his friends, who he had met through his connection to the Healing Center, as a high-risk contractor.

But in true Ollinger fashion, Duane got sucked into the excitement and mystery surrounding the project and eventually agreed to buy into the ranch and to continue looking for answers well after some of the other people (who started the project) had thrown in the towel.