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Megan Rion: A pink rose amongst Mud Madness’s thorns

The outcome of Mud Madness first season is still uncertain, but Megan Rion has already emerged as one of the show’s biggest stars.

On first glance Discovery’s new show, Mud Madness, is a testosterone-filled, down-and-dirty, muddy mess, filled with high-octane, high-stakes races.

But appearances can be deceiving, and there is one self-proclaimed tomboy who is turning all of these stereotypes about mud racing on their heads.

When you think of professional mud racing, the petite and pink-haired Megan Rion (with her equally pink, but not exactly so petite, rig, Diamond Dust) may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Megan: The new Mud Madness fan-favorite

But, while Megan has not necessarily been racing for as long as some of the other racers featured on Mud Madness – she has certainly already made quite an impression on the show’s viewers.

Reality television’s most successful stars generally fall into one of three categories – either they are attractive, they are an expert in their field, or they bring the drama.

And since Megan is one of only a few female racers on the show, she can clearly expertly maneuver her way around her rig, and she never backs down from a fight – it seems like she is well-primed to become the show’s biggest breakout star – even if she does not win the season.

Megan’s Mud Madness season one run

The first season of Mud Madness officially premiered on Discovery Channel on April 9, 2024. However, Megan did not make her first appearance on the show until the second episode.

If you want to follow (or re-watch) Megan’s journey as she races her way through the 2023 fall mud racing circuit, watch the following episodes of the show:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 2 “Ridin’ Dirty at Rednecks” April 16, 2024
Episode 3 “Smash and Drag” April 23, 2024
Episode 4 “All’s Fair in Mud and War” April 30, 2024
Episode 5 “Blood is Thicker than Mud” May 7, 2024
Episode 6 “Shut Up and Send It” May 14, 2024

Megan’s racing origin story

Before Megan started travelling all over the country to compete in the United States’ most challenging mud races, she started out in her home city of Lake Charles in Louisiana.

Where the Mud Madness really happens

Like many of the racers from the first season of Mud Madness, Megan stumbled upon the high-octane, high-stakes world of mud racing almost accidentally.

She initially just tagged along with a group of friends who decided to visit an ATV-park one afternoon, but it did not take long for the mud to start flowing through her veins.

Megan eventually signed up for her very first race in 2018, and she has been perfecting her craft ever since.

These days, she races in a fully kitted-out ATV called Diamond Dust, which has massive 63-inch wheels and a bunch of extra goodies to improve its performance on the track, bounty hole, or whatever other surface the mud race requires.

Megan’s Mud Madness connections

Another key part of becoming a breakout reality television star is getting along with your fellow cast members. And this is another arena in which Megan shines brightly.

In fact, Megan even had a YouTube show with one of her fellow female Mud Madness cast members.

The ‘Megan and Randi Offroad Show’ first premiered in 2022 and follows Megan and her Mud Madness co-star, Randi Alicia, as they recount some of their recent racing events, share news, host giveaways and open mail.

Some of the old videos from this show are still available on Megan’s YouTube channel to this day.

Generally, it seems like the entire Mud Madness cast (minus Josh Carmon) enjoys hanging out together at the mud pits, even when the cameras are not rolling.

And if you dig deep enough through Megan’s Instagram page, you will be treated to a few behind-the-scenes snaps of many of her Mud Madness co-stars, including Bryce Sparks, Larry Oakes and even AJ Robertson (who also makes an appearance in the Diamond Dust store).

Megan’s plans for the future

Mud Madness’s first season is slowly winding down, and unfortunately for fans who have already fallen in love with the show and its stars – no plans have been officially announced for season two just yet.

However, with eight new trophies behind her name (including a few first-place wins), Megan seems to have big plans for the future.

She confirmed in a recent Instagram post that she “can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for the future!” And if her other recent posts are any indication – she is planning to take the mud racing world by storm in the next few years.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?