Married to Medicine: How much the cast is really worth

The Married to Medicine cast has a variety of businesses to keep them busy outside of the show, and have the high net worths to show for it.

Being a reality television star certainly comes with drawbacks – and certainly also quite a few perks.

And one of the biggest perks of becoming a so-called bravolebrity starring in one of Bravo’s many, hit reality television shows, is the big fat paycheck that comes with the gig.

It has been rumored for years that the stars of Bravo’s wildly successful The Real Housewives franchise often walk away with between $20,000 and several million dollars per season.

Scheana Shay alleged that her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Rachel Leviss made about $361,000 for 19 episodes.

Why the Married to Medicine cast’s net worth is so high

Although the Married to Medicine cast is now best known for being some of reality television’s biggest stars, you only have to tune into one episode of the show to realize that they have much more on their plates than simply smiling for the cameras.

Many of the Married to Medicine stars, including Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Eugene Harris, Dr. Gregory Lunceford and more, have made quite renowned names for themselves within the Atlanta medical community as celebrated professionals.

But even the stars who do not have the “doctor” title, have still managed to build up their personal brands with the show’s assistance.

And as a result, the Married to Medicine cast has one of the highest collective net worths of just about any of the Bravo reality shows.

The Married to Medicine’s season 10 cast’s net worth

While the Married to Medicine cast technically stretches across many different main, recurring and guest roles, you only have to focus on the estimated net worths of the show’s most recent main cast members to truly get an idea of the incomes behind the scenes.

Different sources describe the estimated net worths of the main Married to Medicine cast members as follows:

Married to Medicine cast member Estimated net worth
Toya Bush-Harris About $2 million
Dr. Jackie Walters About $3 million
Dr. Simone Whitmore About $3.5 million
Quad Webb About $1.5 million
Dr. Heavenly Kimes About $4 million
Phaedra Parks About $6 million
Lateasha Lunceford About $1 million

Married to Medicine husbands’ net worths

Just like the ladies who star in the show, the day-jobs, salaries and estimated net worths of the Married to Medicine husbands vary vastly.

It is rumored that Gregory Lunceford, who only recently rejoined the cast with his new wife, has a net worth of about $1 million.

But the estimated net worths of Dr. Eugene Harris (about $4 million) and Dr. Damon Kimes (about $6 million) are reportedly much higher.

The Married to Medicine cast’s jobs

When the Married to Medicine cast is not saving lives or entertaining us in front of the camera, they have plenty of other ventures to fill their time (and their pockets!).

Mariah HuQ, for instance, who is a former cast member who also functions as the show’s executive producer has now founded her own co-working space and production company called Sleek CoWork and Media Studio. Dr. Simone Whitmore launched a skincare line in 2021.

Kari Wells is a successful real estate developer and investor and is currently building her own travel influencer brand.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has launched a variety of her own products ranging from beauty to dental products.

Toya Bush-Harris has also dabbled in the production space with her company, TBH Entertainment, and has published a number of children’s books and she has even partnered with YourWineStory to create her own collection.

Quad Webb, who recently rejoined the cast, has a clothing line for dogs called Picture Perfect Pup, has starred on Sister Circle as a host and has even released a cookbook – and the list goes on.

How much does the Married to Medicine cast make per episode?

Bravo has never shared the salaries of the Married to Medicine cast publicly- though the network did find itself in hot water a few years ago, when Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah HuQ got into a nasty Twitter feud about their contracts.

So, we do not know exactly how much the Married to Medicine cast gets paid per episode, as the contracts seem to vary from one cast member to the next.

And since Dr. Eugene Harris confirmed in a recent interview with Carlos King that Toya Bush-Harris only uses her own income to fund her lavish lifestyle, we can make an educated guess that the Married to Medicine salaries are probably on the higher end of the spectrum for Bravo’s reality television stars.