Many theories, nothing to show: Will Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch find anything?

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch theories are certainly entertaining, but after three seasons with no real evidence to show – it seems like that is all they are.

There is nothing quite like a paranormal-meets-ancient-treasure-hunting show to make true believers and cynical skeptics converge. And no show does it quite as well as Discovery’s Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch follows Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, and a team of experts as they investigate the mysteries that plague this plot of Uintah Basin land – in the hope that it will lead them to an ancient treasure which is supposedly hidden somewhere on the property.

The problem with the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch claims

No matter which way you slice it (or which side of the great true believer/ Blind Frog Ranch hater divide you are on), this show is undoubtedly incredibly entertaining to watch.

But with Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s third season now a distant memory – and its fourth season still up in the air – it is time that we seriously consider whether this show has a viable future.

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team has posited theories ranging from government conspiracies to prehistoric snakes in the past three seasons, but we just cannot help but to bring up the fact that they have simply not provided much evidence to back up any of these claims.

And since the show seems to be going nowhere slowly, we have rounded up the most significant Mystery at Blind Frog ranch “finds” and the reasons why these finds may not be as compelling as they seemed initially.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch summarized

Before we take a look at the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch finds, it is important to examine just how far the show has come over the course of the last three years.

As of the end of season three, the entirety of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Series premiere January 1, 2021, with the “What Lies Beneath” episode
Most recent episode “Into the Cavern” which aired on January 3, 2024
Total episodes (to date) 22
Total seasons (to date) 3

The gold found on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Since Duane and his team are convinced that there is up to $3 billion worth in Aztec treasure hidden on Blind Frog Ranch, any mention of them tracking down some gold on the property is exciting.

This, of course, includes Spanish coin, the Mormon gold coins and the more recent gold bar that the team found.

But though these finds certainly seemed promising at first, the reality is that the coin experts confirmed right away that the Mormon coins were mere reproductions (which contained very little real gold) and the team never really bothered to get the Spanish coin or the gold bar authenticated or evaluated – at least from what we saw on the show.

And, then there is the issue that many viewers feel like the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team happened upon these gold finds much too easily, which has given way to a wave of criticism that most of the show’s “finds” up to this point may have been staged.

Many theories, nothing to show: Will Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch find anything?

The petroglyphs found on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Unfortunately, it also seem like when the Mystery at Blind Frog team is not busy neglecting to get their finds verified by reputable outside sources, or even allegedly staging new finds, they are being accused of passing off others’ finds as their own.

As well as facing criticism for possibly staging some of their finds in the last few years, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team has now also now been accused by its critics of using footage of petroglyphs taken at McConkie Ranch and Slot Canyon to give more sway to the theory that ancient civilizations may have called the ranch home years ago.

The season 3 finds

Season three of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has been a real doozy. And while the team has not actually “found” something outside of that gold bar, claim jumper camps, a mysterious dead deer, and a few other unexplained clues, they have come up with an array of new out-there theories.

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