Love After Lockup: An update on Lindsey’s love life

Lindsey and Blaine have broken up for good, but this Love After Lockup star is still open to finding love on the outside.

There are few things that complicate a relationship quite like a lengthy prison sentence. But if the stars of WeTV’s Love After Lockup have taught us anything – it is that finding love does not necessarily get easier on the outside.

Are Lindsey and Blaine getting back together?

This seems especially true for Lindsey Downs, who has been sharing her story on the show since 2020. Over the years, Love After Lockup has been following Lindsey as she attempts to find her ‘happily ever after’ after her release from prison.

Unfortunately though, this happy ending is starting to seem rather distant, as the show’s most recent Life After Lockup season five (part one) finale ended with Lindsey and her boyfriend, Blaine calling it quits.

And while we are quite used to seeing the Love After Lockup stars rekindle their romances between seasons, Lindsey has confirmed that “Blaine is gone!”

Thus, it seems like this Love After Lockup star is once again single (and ready to mingle).

Lindsey’s Love After Lockup run

All longtime Love After Lockup fans will know that the only thing more complicated than the relationships we see on the show is keeping track of the episodes in this franchise.

If you want a recap of Lindsey’s entire Love After Lockup storyline, you will need to catch up with the following episodes:

Show Year Episodes
Love After Lockup (Season 3) 2020 to 2022 “Stairway to Heaven” to “Secret Cell-Mates”
Life After Lockup (Season 3) 2020 to 2022 “Bat Out of Hell” to “Prison Promises”
Love After Lockup (Season 4) 2022 to 2023 “Happily Ever After?” to “Wedding Rings & Secret Flings”
Life After Lockup (Season 4) 2022 to 2023 “Can’t Stop Destiny” to “I Do & I Don’t”
Love After Lockup (Season 5: Part 1) 2023 to 2024 “Born That Way” to “Onion of Lies”
Life After Lockup (Season 5: Part 2) 2023 to 2024 “Love Is a Powerful Drug” to  “Fighting Chance”

Is Lindsey single?

There is nothing quite like a breakup playing out on national television to get two people to act petty towards each other on social media, and Lindsey and Blaine have certainly not held back when it comes to displaying their disdain for each other online.

But though there is apparently little chance of the relationship between Lindsey and Blaine being repaired in the future, it seems like Lindsey has not entirely given up on finding her true love yet.

According to one of Lindsay’s most recent Instagram posts, she is staying “on the sidewalk” of the dating market for now.

Love After Lockup: An update on Lindsey’s love life

And while she seems open to dipping her toe into dating again, she is also perfectly comfortable sleeping alone, if she has to.

At this point, we may still get to see Lindsey in a brand new relationship if Love After Lockup returns for another season.

Where Lindsey is now

There is no doubt that Lindsay has had quite the rollercoaster life since we were first introduced to her in season three of Love After Lockup.

But based on what she said in a recent TikTok Live video, it seems like things have calmed down for this reality star behind the scenes.

According to Lindsay, she is “okay and content” with her life currently since she owns her home, owns a car of her own, has full-time custody of her daughter and is working a steady job, to cap it all off.

A recent post on Lindsey’s Instagram page also reveals that she recently returned to the University of Mississippi to complete her undergraduate degree in Public Policy Leadership and intends to complete her master’s degree in the future.

Will Lindsey have to go back to jail?

One of the biggest unanswered questions (besides the questions about Lindsey’s romantic entanglements, of course) from fans at the end of Love After Lockup season five was whether Lindsey would have to return to prison at some point in the future.

And, as always, the answer to this question is complicated. Lindsey explained in the comment section of one of her recent TikTok videos that she still has a few pending state charges.

This could see her return to prison for up to 40 years (if she receives the maximum sentence).

Lindsey suspects that she may only get 25% of the maximum sentence, in which case she would still serve another 10 years behind bars.

Love After Lockup: An update on Lindsey’s love life

So, even though Lindsey is seemingly, slowly, getting her life in order after her previous sentence, she might still have to serve more time incarcerated in the near future.