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Leron Jones confirms Swamp People will return for season 16

Swamp People’s most recent season has just concluded, but one of the show’s stars seems certain that it will be renewed for another season.

The 15th season of History’s show, Swamp People, has only just aired its final episode. But it seems like the show may have just been renewed for a sixteenth season.

While there have not been any official announcements to confirm that Swamp People will be returning for another season of gator-hunting fun – and most of the show’s cast seemed uncertain about what to expect for the future – Leron Jones seemed quite certain that the show will come back in a recent Facebook post.

Will Swamp People be renewed for another season?

According to this recent post from Leron’s Facebook page, not only is the show definitely returning for another season, but he went as far as promising fans that “Season 16 will be Lit”.

Leron Jones confirms Swamp People will return for season 16

The fan page for Swamp People narrator, Pat Duke, has now also confirmed that Swamp People will be returning for another season.

And while none of this technically counts as a renewal confirmation yet, it all seems like quite compelling evidence that Swamp People and its cast of alligator-hunting experts will be back on our television screens before long.

Swamp People season 15

Before we get into all the nitty-gritty details of what may be on the cards for Swamp People’s 16th season, let us take a look back at the show’s most recently aired, season 15.

Season 15 of Swamp People can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
“Cruel Summer” January 4, 2024
“Double Trouble” January 11, 2024
“Hot as Hell” January 18, 2024
“Cypress Clash” January 25, 2024
“Come Hell or Low Water” February 1, 2024
“Down to the Wire” February 8, 2024
“Chasing a Legend” February 15, 2024
“Curse if Graveyard Island” February 22, 2024
“Gator Stakes” February 29, 2024
“King for a Day” March 7, 2024
“Full Moon Frenzy” March 14, 2024
“Bayou Bloodlines” March 21, 2024
“Swamp Jaws” April 4, 2024
“Boom or Bust” April 11, 2024
“Ice Cold Gamble” April 18, 2024
“Legacy on the Line” April 25, 2024

When will Swamp People season 16 start airing?

New seasons of Swamp People typically start airing around the beginning of the year in January or February.

If the show maintains this pattern, fans can expect  this new season of the show to start arriving as soon as the first week of 2025.

However, it is worth noting that they have not started filming for this new season just yet.

In Louisiana, the alligator hunting season stretched from late August until early October, which means that the Swamp People cast still has a few months left before it has to start worrying about pulling in those huge catches again.

Which cast members will return for Swamp People season 16?

Swamp people season 16 is certainly still in the planning stages. And as a result, no official cast list has been announced for this upcoming season just yet.

However, since Leron Jones has been the most vocal about the future of the show, it is fair to assume that both Leron and Anthony ‘Porkchop’ Williams will be first in line when the season’s filming eventually starts.

Troy Landry also confirmed that he was hopeful about the show returning for another season, so there is a god chance that he will make a comeback as well.

What will Swamp People season 16 be about?

To the untrained eye, it might not seem like there is much room for variation between seasons of Swamp People.

But while the basics of gator-hunting in Louisiana’s swamplands have remained relatively unchanged for decades, the crews may be in for some big changes this time around.

Troy Landry, who is arguably one of the most experienced hunters on the show, took to Facebook recently to share some footage of what the droughts have done to the Louisiana swamplands since they filmed for last season.

And while the droughts have certainly made it much easier to spot the gators, it looks like it would be nearly impossible for the Swamp People crews and the production team to traverse these terrains, as it stands currently.

If the weather does not improve considerably in the next few months, this could delay the filming for the upcoming season with several months.

This would also mean that the hunters will have to adjust their hunting methods for much shallower waters.

As always, tags and new regulations mean that every new season of Swamp People brings its own new and unique dynamics and struggles. Either way, season 16 is quickly shaping up to be a very challenging season for these hunters.