It looks like the next season of Gold Rush: White Water has been delayed

Gold Rush: White Water’s next season is on its way, but it seems like it may arrive later than expected.

The Gold Rush: White Water team may be used to traversing the impossibly dangerous waters of Alaska’s rolling white water rapids, not to mention flash floods and freezing temperatures. But things behind the scenes are seemingly even more treacherous.

If you have been following the show for a while, you will already know that its most recent season was inundated with issues, both on and off the screen.

On screen, season six followed Dustin and the rest of his team as they struggled through absolutely abysmal weather conditions, which ultimately resulted in one of the shortest (and least successful) mining seasons ever seen on the show.

But off screen, various budgeting restrictions and conflicting schedules meant that there was an unexpected, more than two-month break in the airing of season six.

The Gold Rush: White Water season 7 delay

Fortunately, several insider sources have now confirmed that the show will be returning for a seventh season despite all of this confusion and these set-backs.

However, this does not mean that Discovery has been any more forthcoming about the details of this much-anticipated season.

And while there have been rumors here and there about when this seventh season might be premiering –the most widely discussed date being February 16, 2024 – other insiders have now confirmed that the season seven premiere has been pushed back to later in the spring of 2024.

So, while we can be pretty certain at this point that Gold Rush: White Water will return for at least one more season, there has still not been an official update on when this season will start airing.

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The Gold Rush: White Water inconsistencies

Although it may seem silly to continue harping on about Gold Rush: White Water’s mid-season six hiatus, this is actually not the only instance which may have alluded to behind-the-scenes uncertainty or indecision.

In fact, a quick glance at all of the show’s history thus far reveals that there has actually not been much consistency in things like premiere dates, number of episodes, or even formats, at all:

Gold Rush: White Water season Number of episodes (including specials) Number of parts Initial premiere date
Season 1 9 1 January 19, 2018
Season 2 12 1 December 28, 2018
Season 3 14 1 November 1, 2019
Season 4 17 1 November 13, 2020
Season 5 18 1 November 5, 2021
Season 6 19 2 November 8, 2022

These inconsistencies do not usually have much of an effect on the watchability of the show. But once a new season has started airing – they do make it increasingly difficult to predict what the future seasons of the show might look like.

Why has Gold Rush: White Water been delayed?

Since the release of Gold Rush: White Water season seven has never actually been officially confirmed by the network, there has also not been any official explanation provided to the public for its rumored delayed release.

At this point, this last-minute delay could have been caused by anything from filming delays due to bad weather (which the show has certainly struggled with in the past).

Other possible reasons are scheduling conflicts with the crew (since so many cast members will not be returning for season seven), and budgeting and timeslot issues (like the ones which held up season six’s airing).

What to expect when season seven does start airing

Although we do not have many concrete details for season seven of Gold Rush: White Water yet, we just cannot help but hope that things work out better for Dustin and his crew this time around.

Kayla has already confirmed that she did not return for the filming of season seven, so it is fair to assume that Dustin’s operation may be operating differently this time around.

If he decides to continue with two teams, he will have to promote one of the other cast members or possibly even introduce a new team leader.

Will Gold Rush: White Water continue beyond season seven?

While most of the doubts that Gold Rush: White Water had been unexpectedly cancelled in 2023 have now been settled, there is still some evidence which suggests that the show will not be able to continue beyond season seven, to season eight, or even season nine.

Even if we venture beyond the chaos that might be ensuing on an administrative level, season six’s finale left Dustin’s team with very little gold to cover all of their expenses.

And if this trend continues, a lack of funds may bring the Hurts’ mining operation (and the show) to a screeching halt in the future.

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