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Is there really any question that The Curse of Oak Island will return for a 12th season?

The Curse of Oak Island season 11 is coming to an end, but the show will likely be back for another season before long.

Television networks often have complicated systems and metrics to determine which of their many television shows they will bring back, and which they will axe, every year.

And while there has been no official confirmation that Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina and the rest of The Fellowship of the Dig will return for another season – The Curse of Oak Island season 12 really seems like a forgone conclusion.

Why The Curse of Oak Island’s renewal is inevitable

For any television show to stand a chance at being renewed at the end of a season, it must have a solid and available cast, a reasonable budget, a plan for the way forward, and, of course, the viewership numbers and ratings to back it up. The Curse of Oak Island has all of the above, and then some.

The Curse of Oak Island season 11 finale episode

Before The Curse of Oak Island can move on to its (possible) next season, it will have to finish the current season.

The Curse of Oaks Island season 11 finale episode can be outlined as follows:

Detail Description
Episode Season 11, episode 25
Title “Worth the Weight”
Airing Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET on History

Rick and Marty reveal when they will stop searching

According to the show’s stars, there are many different reasons why people throughout the globe are so captivated by The Curse of Oak Island.

This includes the allure of the Spanish, Knights Templar or possibly otherwise-originating treasure supposedly hidden somewhere on the island, and a drive to know the island’s full history, and what Rick calls the “personality” of the island.

As a result, these two brothers revealed in a recent interview with Ross Coulthart that they only ever plan to abandon their mission to find answers (and possibly even treasure – though the brothers seem less sure that they will find actual gold and silver hidden somewhere) if the project ever becomes “not fun” or if they feel like they have done everything they possibly can and can no longer “advance the ball”.

And since neither of the Lagina brothers seem to have reached this stage  yet, their crusade for the truth, and for treasure, will seemingly continue for the foreseeable future.

The Curse of Oak Island search is expanding

Perhaps the most compelling evidence to suggest that The Curse of Oak Island team is already gearing up for another season of wood, button and spike-finding fun, is Rick’s recent call.

This call was put out to any and all fans of the show to share their knowledge and research materials related to specific artifacts found on Oak Island.

The first of these Oak Island artifacts is an intricately molded button, which the team has had some trouble dating and connecting to the Island’s vast history.

Everything that the team knows about the button so far was shared via the History website.

But by the looks of it, there are still several large gaps to fill in. The Curse of Oak Island team has warned that any research handed in to help fill in these gaps will ultimately become the property of the producers and be at their disposal to use or exclude as they choose.

This seemingly implies that any promising leads may be included in next season’s episodes.

The numbers speak for themselves

For as long as The Curse of Oak Island has been airing, there has been an ongoing debate on just about every forum imaginable about whether or not the show is fake or real.

But, at the end of the day, the answer to this question has become somewhat irrelevant over the years. Millions of viewers have continued to watch the show week after week, season after season, and decade after decade.

And, whether the show has seen an uptick in backlash over the course of this most recent season or not, on paper, the arrival of The Curse of Oak Island season 11 pulled History up ten places on the most-watched cable rankings to the eighth spot.

And, by the end of 2023, the only shows on cable television that managed to out-rank The Curse of Oak Island were the news and Monday Night Football.

Overall, it would really take something quite special to convince History to pull its star show.

And since the Lagina brothers are still signed on, and over 2 million fans are still tuned in, there is really no reason to think that The Curse of Oak Island will be folding up the treasure maps anytime soon.

Will The Curse of Oak Island get cancelled after season 11?