Is Secrets of the Zoo coming back in 2024?

Secrets of the Zoo has not been included in National Geographic’s 2024 slate, so it seems like the show has not been renewed for another season just yet.

There is an old saying in the television and film industries that you should “never work with children or animals” if you want a day on set to run smoothly.

But while this expression may ring true most of the time – it turns out that the entire setup works much better if you take the set to the animals instead of bringing the animals to set.

Or at least, it did for the producers of National Geographic’s Secrets of the Zoo show (no word yet on whether this trick also works for children).

Secrets of the Zoo first started airing all the way back in 2018. But it did not take long for the world to fall in love with the over 10,000 animals (spanning across 600 different species) housed at the renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

As a result, Secrets of the Zoo was quickly renewed over and over again until the show reached its fifth season, which premiered in 2022.

Why Secrets of the Zoo will likely not return in 2024

However, if you have cast your eyes over National Geographic’s planned slate for the current 2024 television season, you will already know that Secrets of the Zoo (and its various spin-off shows) are absent from the list.

And, while we would all love to see Secrets of the Zoo’s wide array of cute, spirited and downright fascinating animals (and staff) return to our screens very soon, it is seeming all the more unlikely that the show will return for another season with each passing year.

Recapping Secrets of the Zoo’s most recent season

Since the chances of Secrets of the Zoo returning for another season in 2024 seem rather slim at the moment, this might be the ideal time to ensure that you are caught up on the most recent Secrets of the Zoo content.

Secrets of the Zoo’s most recent, fifth season, can be outlined as follows:

Episode Initial air date
“Flock Star” May 15, 2022
“Reindeer Pedicure” May 22, 2022
“Tunnel of Love” May 29, 2022
“Holey Batwings” June 5, 2022
“Red Panda Drama Mama” June 12, 2022
“Giraffe-ic Park” June 19, 2022
“Roary the Lionheart” June 26, 2022
“A Giraffe is Born” July 3, 2022

What has happened since season 5 was filmed?

It has now been over two years since fans got a proper inside look at the goings-on at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. And it seems like a whole lot has changed during this time.

The Columbus Zoo announced plans for a new and improved historic North America region, including $40 million worth of upgrades and new habitats for Mexican wolves, bald eagles, black bears, North American river otters, and Trumpeter swans, in 2023.

And more recently, the zoo also confirmed that fan-favorite attractions like the North America train, Carousel and 4D theater will all be reopening in time for the spring season.

But, while a lot has changed at the Zoo since the season five finale episode aired, its dedication to animal welfare and conservation seems to have stayed the same.

What about the Secrets of the Zoo spin-offs?

While we wait for an update on future seasons of Secrets of the Zoo, you may want to look into some of the show’s spin-offs.

All of the current Secrets of the Zoo spin-offs (and their current renewal statuses) can be summarized as follows:

Show Number of seasons Current renewal status
Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa 4 Pending
Secrets of the Zoo: North Carolina 1 Pending
Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under 4 Renewed for season 4 (premiered January 24, 2024)

Which National Geographic shows have been added to the 2024 slate?

Although you may not be able to watch any new Secrets of the Zoo content anytime soon, National Geographic has lined up quite an impressive array of shows for its 2024 season.

This includes Limitless With Chris Hemsworth, which has already been renewed for its second season, as well as A Real Bug’s Life, which will also be returning for its second season with Awkwafina as its narrator.

National Geographic has also announced plans to air Shark Beach With Anthony Mackie, which will follow the actor as he travels back to his hometown to investigate an intriguing phenomenon called “depredation.”

But National geographic fans do not only have animal-focused to look forward to this season, as the network also plans to air a variety of documentary content, including The Space Race, Queens and a brand-new season of the Genius franchise.