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Is season 9 of Mountain Monsters really on the way?

Mountain Monsters season nine has still not been confirmed, but there is new evidence that the show may be coming back soon.

The only thing that is worse than knowing that your favorite show has been cancelled is not knowing whether a show is officially renewed or not.

Fans of the cryptid-investigation show, Mountain Monsters, have been hanging on the edges of their seats for months since rumors started circulating that another season of the show might be on the way.

Is Mountain Monsters getting another season?

Officially, Mountain Monsters’ future fate remains uncertain, with no confirmed renewal or cancellation on the books at Travel Channel.

However, unofficially, many fans are convinced that this fan-favorite cryptid-investigation show will return to our television screens very soon.

With all of the out-there theories and Bigfoot-hunting showcased throughout the seasons on Mountain Monsters, it is not  that difficult to see why rumors about the show can quickly run rampant online.

But, while there have been nothing more than a few unconfirmed “overheard” confirmations that Mountain Monsters season nine is already in the works for months – there is finally some somewhat concrete evidence that the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (A.I.M.S) team will indeed return  for another season of the show.

This confirmation comes in the form of a very recent edit made to the Mountain Men Wikipedia page, which now reads “Travel Channel has renewed Mountain Monsters for a ninth season.

Filming for season nine will begin in 2024. Season nine is expected to appear in late 2024 or early 2025. The delay is due to the strike in 2023.”

And though we do not have many details beyond these few lines of new information yet, a recently leaked TikTok video (which seems to have been taken on the set of Mountain Monsters) does provide a few more key details.

How much time has passed between seasons?

Before we dive into what might be going on behind the scenes on Mountain Monsters season nine, it is about time that we take stock of exactly how long the show has been off the air.

Season eight of Mountain Monsters aired as follows:

Category Episode Initial air date
Season premiere Episode 1: “Bigfoot or Bust” January 2, 2022
Season finale Episode 2: “Bigfoot on Camera” March 13, 2022

This means that as of the start of April 2024, it has been over 24 months since Mountain Men aired its most recent episode and more than two years since the show started airing a new season.

Has filming for season 9 really already started?

While a (more than) two-year wait between seasons is usually a pretty dooming sign that a show may not be coming back at all, a recent TikTok video uploaded by @big_brass555 has inspired new hope that Mountain Monsters investigations may not be over just yet.

This video, which looks like it might have been taken on the set of a new season (possibly between takes), seems to confirm that the A.I.M.S. team is already filming another season.

And to add fuel to this still-unconfirmed fire, this account also confirmed that the new season of the show will be coming out “pretty quick”.

So while there is no concrete way to confirm exactly when or where this video was taken, we are holding on to the hope that it really is evidence that a brand-new season of Sasquatch-hunting expeditions are underway.

Which cast members will return for season 9?

Like all things Mountain Monsters season nine-related, there have been many rumors about which members of the A.I.M.S. team will return if the show does come back for another season.

But, since Mountain Monsters has still not been officially renewed for another season, there is also no official cast list for season nine just yet.

However, the unofficial video confirmation does reveal that most of the show’s cast, including Willy, Wild Bill and even Dave, were presumably on set to film for this new season.

What will Mountain Monsters season 9 be about?

One of the main reasons why so many Mountain Monsters fans are still hopeful that the show will return for another season, even more than two years down the line – is because season eight of the show ended with two unresolved cliffhangers.

Not only did the A.I.M.S. team find some pretty compelling evidence about a Smoke Wolf attack near the end of season eight, but it also hinted at some pretty mind-blowing evidence of Bigfoot activity.

Hopefully, the team will be able to dig a little deeper into these discoveries and take on a few new cases if the show does end up returning for a ninth season.

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