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Is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch real or scripted?

We will likely never know whether Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is really real, but the show does have its fair share of difficult-to-believe moments.

When Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, Charlie and the rest of their team first started sharing the story of Blind Frog Ranch in 2021, the show seemed like it was about nothing more than a few hopeful Texas-locals trying to strike it big in the sprawling hills of the Uintah Basin. But the show has now become about so much more.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s most unbelievable moments

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fans have always been divided into two distinct categories: those who believe wholeheartedly that the Ollingers and their team are on the verge of something big, and those who believe that the show is completely fabricated (and so is the entire story of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch).

The reality is that unless you are involved in the show in some way, there will never be a 100 percent accurate way to say whether the show is truly real or scripted.

But, as the seasons have progressed – we must admit that it is getting more difficult to pick up what the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team is putting down.

We have already discussed the issue of the petroglyphs which were reportedly “found” on the ranch throughout the show, and a few other of the show’s more out-there theories, at length.

Exploring Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s Uintah Basin claims
@ Blind Frog Ranch

But it might be time to examine the most “staged”-looking moments from Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s first three seasons.


Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s first 3 seasons

Before we jump into the moments that ruined our suspension of disbelief, let us recap Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s first three seasons.

These seasons can be summarized as follows:

Season Episodes Season premiere date
Season 1 6 January 1, 2021
Season 2 8 January 7, 2022
Season 3 8 November 15, 2023

Season 1: The mysterious noise

The first season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch definitely set the tone for the subsequent seasons of the show.

And while there are many scenes from this first season which had critics of the show abuzz – honorable mention to the “skinwalker” caught live on the security cameras – there is one fairly innocuous moment that may have taken the term ‘movie magic’ just a little too far.

There is a moment in the “Mormon Gold” episode (spoiler alert: the so-called Mormon coins that Charlie found in this episode were not real) that Eric, Chad, Charlie and the camera crew hear a mysterious noise in the woods.

And between the tumble that the camera man took in the middle of running away, and the fact that the team ran just a couple of feet on the path instead of heading back to their vehicles – this whole moment just seemed a little too dramatic to be true.

Season 2: The box

In the more recent season of the show, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team moved away from finding an underwater entrance to the cave system almost completely.

But the second season of the show was almost entirely focused on the pond – and, of course, the mysterious box at the bottom of it.

Many things about the quest to explore the pond have had Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch critics’ up in arms. But it was the team’s attempt to get the box out of the pond that really did not add up.

For a start, the log that was supposedly the only part of the box that broke off can be seen floating on top of the water after it broke off (but not when the team is pulling it up).

Then, it is also worth mentioning that the chain (which took Chad so long to maneuver into place) does not even look that long once it is pulled up.

And, of course, we cannot discount the various distraught reactions from the team once they realized what had happened.

The box – Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s biggest prevailing mystery

Season 3: The prehistoric snake-like creature

The mysteries of Blind Frog Ranch have definitely gotten bigger as time goes on, but t one scene from the show’s third season seems more far-fetched than usual.

In their quest to find answers about the snake-like creature that Charlie saw hanging around in Blind Frog Ranch swamp, the team enlists the help of Emery Smith.

And while we will leave it up to you to decide whether you believe the rumor that there is some giant prehistoric snake slithering around the property or not, we do have our doubts about whether hair haphazardly stuffed into a plastic beaker or water collected with a beaker connected to a plastic arm really are the most scientifically-sound ways of collecting biological evidence.

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