Is Chaz Ready to Love’s season nine frontrunner?

Ready to Love season nine has been a wild ride, but it seems like Chaz may just have unlocked the secret to making it all the way.

If there is one word to describe the most season nine of OWN’s dating reality show Ready to Love, it would be “messy”.

Not only did one of this season’s carefully selected singles completely fail to show up for the first mixer, but we have now seen some cast members self-eliminate and new cast members brought on to the show to balance the scales.

To top it all off, the most recent episode even featured a dramatic (and wholly unexpected double-elimination), which technically meant that three people ended up going home in a single episode.

Chaz’s season nine run

However, while all of this drama has been playing out, some of season nine’s hopeful singles have still been trying their best to form meaningful connections.

And one of the contestants (or should we say players?)  who has certainly been playing the game to his advantage is Chaz.

We have seen many close connections, and many failed connections so far on season nine.

But Chaz actually revealed in the most recent episode that he knows exactly what he is doing by keeping things going with not one, not two, but three of the lovely season nine ladies.

We will have to wait until the end of season nine to see how this strategy plays out in the long run.

But Laron did share a video of himself, DaMonte and Chaz at the Ready to Love season nine premiere party to his Instagram story, which makes it seem like Chaz may have just cracked the code to a successful Ready to Love run.

Chaz’s status in the competition

As it stands, Chaz’s ‘cast a wide net’ strategy seems to be working for him. And while we have seen multiple season nine cast members come and go, Chaz has not been in the bottom two at all this season (yet).

All in all, Chaz’s successful run in the competition thus far can be summarized as follows:

Episode Status
Episode 1: “Hot and Bothered” Not up for elimination (Chaz was part of season nine’s second group, which was introduced in episode two)
Episode 2: “The Good, Bad and Freaky” Not up for elimination
Episode 3: “Finger Lickin’” Not up for elimination
Episode 4: “Getting Intimate” Safe
Episode 5: “Pajama Jam” Not up for elimination
Episode 6: “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” Safe

Does Chaz have what it takes to go all the way?

Chaz does not seem to maintain any kind of social media presence on his own page, but this does not mean that he is off of social media completely.

In fact, it turns out that Laron may have just given away his and Chaz’s final positions on the show via his Instagram stories.

Tucked away between all of the other season nine premiere party posts is one fairly inconspicuous video of Chaz, Laron and DaMonte living it up, captioned with the not-so subtle “Winners Win!”

And since we already know that DaMonte lost the Ready to Love game early on, it seems like this post insinuates that Laron and Chaz will end up finding love before this season is over.

Who will Chaz choose?

The Ready to Love season nine cast is now starting to dwindle. And this means that Chaz’s ‘spreading the love around’ approach may not be of use to him for much longer.

If Chaz really wants to find someone to settle down with before this season concludes, he will likely need to choose his favorite love  interest- and soon.

Right now, Chaz seems pretty taken with Vanessa, RaSheena and Alexis, and these ladies also seem to be quite taken with him.

However, as the season draws to a close, little misunderstandings, like Alexis’ recent comments about Koshiea or Vanessa’s failure to date around, may just be enough to get them cut from the competition, and then it will be too late for Chaz to forge the kind of long-term partnerships that the show is about.

Who will go home next?

While Chaz’s place in the Ready to Love lineup seems pretty safe (at least for now), this is not the case for the entire cast.

And with self-eliminations and double-eliminations abound – it is always important to consider who may be leaving Ready to Love season nine next.

The fact that Vanessa seems to be pining for Chaz is certainly sweet, but it could end up counting against her in the lounge discussions.

The remaining season nine men seem to be faring well though, so it really could be anybody’s game at this point.