Is American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe still alive?

While some sources have stated otherwise, it looks like American Pickers’ longtime host, Mike Wolfe, is still alive (and filming new episodes).

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However, the internet also has a much darker side. And things like misinformation, speculation and rumors can often run rampant in this space.

Mike Wolfe is still alive and is filming new content

If you perhaps felt a flutter of anxiety over the course of the last couple of months after seeing a headline indicating that Mike Wolfe, the leading man of History Channel’s American Pickers passed away unexpectedly – there is no need to worry. It seems this reality television star is still alive and kicking (or should we say “picking”?).

It is unclear exactly what prompted this recent spike in the rumors that Mike may have passed away behind the scenes, but a quick glance at Mike’s social media platforms reveals that he is not only still alive and well, but also that he has been as busy as ever filming for American Pickers.

And, as an extra-special added bonus, fans can also now tune in to watch Mike on an all-new show called On The Roam.

The current season of American Pickers

Mike may be getting up there in age, but he has not let that hold him back from doing what he does best.

If you are interested in seeing some of Mike’s most recent one-of-a-kind rare finds, your best bet is to tune in to the History Channel to watch the most recent season of American Pickers.

Season 25 of American Pickers started airing on December 27, 2023. This season has aired 11 episodes to date, as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1.     “Classic Car Cemetery” December 27, 2023
2.     “Hidden Cash Stash” December 27, 2023
3.     “Mike and Homer” January 3, 2024
4.     “Picking Against Time” January 10, 2024
5.     “Kiddie Car Heaven” January 17, 2024
6.     “The Five-Generation Pick” January 24, 2024
7.     “The Mile-Long Yard Sale” January 31, 2024
8.     “The Eyes Have It” February 7, 2024
9.     “Roadside Relics” February 14, 2024
10.  “Tough as Nails” February 21, 2024
11.  “The Boneyard” February 28, 2024

American Pickers’ Frank Fitz is also still alive

Chances are, if you have come across the rumors that Mike passed away recently, you have also come across a few reports that his longtime co-host, Frank Fritz, has also passed away.

Frank has arguably had a closer call with death in the last couple of years, as this former reality star suffered a debilitating stroke in 2022.

However, despite his continued struggles with his health in the last couple of years, it appears as though Frank is still alive.

According to the Des Moines Register, Frank’s health has actually improved so much that he was even able to join his friends for a social gathering in November 2023.

Mike’s new venture

Not only is Mike still alive and well, but he has also now expanded his on-screen portfolio.

If you are all caught up on American Pickers’ new episodes, but you feel like you could still use some Mike Wolfe content in your life, you should look into the new Max Original series, On the Roam.

On the Roam follows its host, acclaimed actor, Jason Momoa, as he travels all across the country to meet and interview individuals who have chosen to forge their own, unique paths in life.

Mike has shared that he “had a blast shooting” this show and it looks like he got to share some of his passion for classic motorcycles with his fellow Iowa-native, Jason, along the way.

Is American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe still alive?

What does the future hold for American Pickers?

While Mike is still willing and able to scour all corners of the Unites States in search of rare collectables, there has been some uncertainty about the future of American Pickers.

Before the most recent season of the show started airing, several sources had reported that the show may be on thin ice with the network as it saw a slight drop in ratings during its 24th season.

However, it looks like this was yet another case of the internet rumor-mill getting it wrong, as Mike took to Instagram to announce that the show had been renewed for 40 more episodes.

Is American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe still alive?

So it seems we can look forward to lots of new American Pickers content in the near future.