Internationally renowned restaurants in Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch is known for its exclusive restaurants that offer cuisine from internationally renowned restaurateurs who have opened branches in the precinct.

Johannesburg has grown to become one of the most popular cities in the country that offer sought-after cuisine from some of the world’s most popular restaurants. With international chefs and restauranteurs seeing value in the Melrose Arch Precinct, it has quickly grown to become one of the most exclusive eating hubs and social spaces in the city.

1. Jamie’s Italian

Owned by popular chef, Jamie Oliver, the restaurant sees people from all over the country coming to taste the award-winning culinary expert’s food. Specialising in Italian cuisine, the menu offers authentic food that showcases European style preparation and taste.

2. PAUL Patisserie & Café

Located at the entrance of the precinct, PAUL’s has attracted many customers with its specialized desserts and menu items. The restaurant’s setting and aesthetic is reminiscent of a Parisian street corner, as patrons sit on the outskirt and in the delicately decorated indoor area.

3. Churchills Bar

Whilst not intended to be targeted as a restaurant, Church Hills Bar offers small plates that have become popular amongst customers. The venue also aligns with the exclusivity and feel of Melrose Arch, as it offers customers a space that is similar to a vintage English cigar lounge and eatery.

Sayushka Naidoo