How to remove rust from white refrigerator door

You will need a slightly abrasive cleaner and some extra patience if you want to remove the rust from your white refrigerator door.

Modern refrigerators do not require much maintenance to stay in a good working condition, but this does not mean that they are rust-proof.

Fortunately, the process to remove rust from a white refrigerator door is fairly easy, and it will not take long to do. You can even paint or cover the refrigerator afterwards, and it will be good as new.

Refrigerator maintenance

Most modern appliances blend elements of style and functionality and truly do not need much maintenance (besides, perhaps, a good clean now and then) to work perfectly. However, even so, these appliances will not last forever.

Even the most advanced, stylish and modern refrigerators will start deteriorating over time and as this happens, you may start to notice things like stains and rust-spots popping up.

How to remove rust from white refrigerator door

Unfortunately, these rust spots are often unsightly and can get even bigger as time goes on.

But a rusty refrigerator is not necessarily a broken refrigerator, and if you remove this rust soon enough, you will not have to replace an entire, costly appliance just because of a few brown spots.

Rust is considerably more common with older, white refrigerator doors, but that does not mean that stainless steel refrigerators or modern white and colored refrigerators do not rust.

There are ways to prevent rust from appearing on your refrigerator, and fortunately, removing rust from the face (and even the inside) of a refrigerator is a pretty simple process that you can easily do yourself.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Process Description
Step 1: Protect your floors Before you start, place some towels or newspaper around the fridge to catch any of the paste that may fall.
Step 2: Make a slightly abrasive paste Combine equal parts of baking soda and cleaning vinegar to form a paste. Other slightly abrasive cleaners work well too.
Step 3: Scrub the rusty spots Distribute the vinegar paste onto the surface of your refrigerator, paying special attention to the rusty spots. You can rub the mixture in with your hands, or use a rag to ensure that it removes all of the rust.
Step 4: Let the mixture sit Let the mixture sit for about 15 to 30 minutes.
Step 5: Rinse off the refrigerator Use a bucket of water and a dry towel or rag to rinse the refrigerator off, and all of the rust should be gone.

The benefit of working on a white refrigerator is that you can even take this process one step further and paint (or cover) the refrigerator to get it to look as good as new again after you have removed the rust.

How to prevent rust

Knowing how to remove rust once it is on your refrigerator is one thing, but preventing rust from appearing in the first place will always be the more effective option. Some rust is unavoidable, and you likely did not do anything to cause the rust on the door of your white refrigerator.

However, it is important to note that the main way that this rust forms, is when your refrigerator gets scratched, and moisture and air can penetrate through to the metal layer.

Therefore, the most effective way to avoid rust is to avoid scratching your refrigerator, so that the protective top layer can stay intact.

Other cleaning methods

The baking soda and vinegar paste is a fan-favorite method for removing rust from refrigerators because this paste is abrasive enough to remove all traces of rust.

Though it is not so abrasive that it will scratch the surface of the appliance and leave it vulnerable to even more rust.

However, you can use an oxalic acid rust remover, like Bar Keeper’s Friend or a gel rust remover instead, if you are not worried about damage.

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Painting or covering your refrigerator after rust removal

Throughout the rust removal process, you may notice that some of the spots on your refrigerator that you thought were rust, are actually spots where the paint has chipped off.

If these spots bother you, you can repaint the outside of your refrigerator with appliance paint, like this Rust-Oleum one, to get the appliance shining like it is brand new.

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Remember to read the instructions on the paint to ensure that your repainted fridge turns out just right.

If you feel like changing things up, or you do not feel like painting your fridge, you may want to consider covering the fridge in contact paper, instead.