How to make Benjamin Moore White Dove cabinets work

If you want to make White Dove cabinets work, you need to insure that the lighting, appliances and fixtures all work with the color’s creamy undertones.

Cabinets take up a large amount of visual space within a room, and as a result, the color of the cabinets can make or break a design.

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is an incredibly popular and versatile color, but it is more complex than it looks. To make White Dove cabinets work, you need to consider a number of elements about the color and your overall design.

Why choosing the right cabinet color is important

Cabinets may not always be the first element that you think of when you are designing the color scheme of a space, but they do take up a significant amount of visual space within a design.

For this reason, they should certainly fit in with the rest of the elements in the room.

The color that you choose for your kitchen cabinets can help set the mood in the space, which is always important for gathering spaces around your home like the kitchen, living room or other entertainment spaces.

But they can also help you create a balance within a tight space or draw attention to specific elements, which is why it is so important to pick the color of your cabinets carefully.

How to make Benjamin Moore White Dove cabinets work

White is still one of the most popular cabinet colors to this day and remains a timeless choice for homeowners who want a bright and crisp space.

However, if you have ever spent some time in the paint swatch section of a hardware store, you will know that not all white paint shades are created equally.

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is an incredibly popular bright, white shade which designers and homeowners return to repeatedly. The reason for this popularity is simple – White Dove is an incredibly versatile shade.

This paint color works well on everything from ceilings and trim, to walls, shiplap features and cabinets.

However, while you might have heard that White Dove is the “perfect” white color, it is important to note that all white colors still have different undertones and Light Reflectance Values (LRVs), which means that it can shift and change.

There is a number of things that you will need to take into consideration if you want to make White Dove cabinets work within your space.

This includes the kind of light in the space, the color of the floors, walls, backsplashes or countertops that are already in the space, the color of your appliances and the overall look that you want to create in your kitchen.

White Dove’s undertones and LRV

If you really want to make sure that Benjamin Moore’s White Dove will work on the cabinets within your space, you need to understand the undertones and LRV of the color.

White Dove is a slightly warm white, but also has some gray undertones which keep it from becoming too yellow.

However, it does also have a lower LRV of 83.16, which keeps it in the off-white category, but also means that it has a softer appearance than other, extremely bright whites.

White Dove is also slightly creamier than other “pure”, cool white colors, which you can really see when they are placed right next to each other, as shown below.

Color name LRV Swatch
Benjamin Moore White Dove 83.16
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace 92.2
Benjamin Moore Oxford White 88.85

How different lighting conditions will affect White Dove cabinets

If your kitchen gets a lot of north-facing light, White Dove is the perfect paint color for your cabinets, as it will create a soft warmth that can balance out cool light. This will make the space  feel much more inviting.

However, if you have a south-facing kitchen that gets a lot of warm light, your White Dove kitchen cabinets may seem even warmer.

So you may need to lead into this warmth with the rest of the fixtures in your kitchen to avoid the clashing of undertones.

Can you use White Dove as a cabinet color if you have white kitchen appliances?

If you have your heart set on using White Dove as your kitchen cabinet color, you need to consider getting stainless steel appliances to make the overall color scheme work.

White kitchen cabinets tend to have a cleaner, crisper white color. Therefore, when you place this bright white against a creamy white like White Dove, the creamy color can look muddy or dirty.

Can White Dove be used for that all-white kitchen look?

You can get away with using White Dove on multiple surfaces in the same room because the color is so light. However, it is worth noting that a shiny, sleek finish tends to appear much brighter than an eggshell finish.

This means that you will still be able to break up an all-white design with the same color by using varying finishes for different features throughout the space.

How to prevent your White Dove cabinets from looking yellow

Benjamin Moore‘s White Dove does not really look yellow on its own, but when it is placed next to other, cooler-toned white shades, its yellow undertones may seem more apparent.

This is why it is so important to be cognizant of the colors that may already be present in the fixtures in the room.

This includes things like pure white subway tiles, cool-toned marble elements or white plumbing fixtures, all of which may clash with White Dove cabinets.

Colors that work well with White Dove cabinets

There is a variety of colors that you can pair with White Dove which will ensure that your cabinets feel like part of the design and not just an afterthought.

When you have to create a color scheme around White Dove cabinets, it is best to focus on finding colors that have the same, subdued warm undertones, so that you can have a cohesive look.

Some of the paint colors that work well with White Dove include:

Color name Color swatch
Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn (OC-15)
Benjamin Moore Fieldstone (1558)
Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray (7015)
Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist (OC-27)