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How to check balance on Sandton City gift card?

Sandton City’s gift cards are easy to use and track, as accessing your balance can be done from the mall’s website or directly on your phone by sending an SMS to the number provided.

Sandton City’s gift cards are a popular holiday gift option, as they allow the recipient to have access to more than 400 retail stores in Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square.

People are also able to split their spending amongst the many different stores within the centre, making it vital that they are aware of their balance at all times.

To do this, customers can log on to the What’s On My Card website, where they can easily check their gift card balance online. All they need to do is enter the card number, answer the security question, select “fetch balance” and view the value that appears on screen.

Alternatively, customers can also SMS their card number to 34246, where they will receive their balance directly on their phone. Only cardholders are at liberty to request this information, and if found to be in possession of anyone else’s card, the person will be charged with theft.