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How Mud Madness’s Bryce Sparks gets his edge

Championship mud racers come in all shapes and sizes, and Mud Madness’s Bryce Sparks has already emerged as a series fan-favorite.

Extreme off-road ATV/UTV racing is big, it’s loud and it’s dirty – but until Discovery’s new reality show, Mud Madness started airing, most people did not even know that this sport existed.

However, all of that has now changed, as Mud Madness has exposed mud racing, and the sport’s biggest shining stars, to the masses.

All about Bruce Sparks

If you thought that mud racing was all about heading to the mud pits for a big party – you would not be entirely wrong.

But, the racers spotlighted in Mud Madness’s first season prove that competing in this sport takes a whole lot of dedication, time and effort.

One of the Mud Madness stars that have now managed to make the jump from being a rising social media star, to a rising reality television star is Bryce Sparks.

Sparks was one of the very first champion racers introduced on Mud Madness and while he sees mud racing as more of a side-hustle than a career he has quickly emerged as one of the show’s most fascinating characters.

Bryce’s social media following

If you have tuned in to watch the first few episodes of Mud Madness on Discovery (or on platforms like Max, Discovery Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Philo, fuboTV and more) you will already know that championship mud racing is not Sparks’s only claim to fame.

Sparks, who uses the handle @WhiskeyBiz online, has also built up quite an impressive following on social media. As it stands, this following can be described as follows:

Platform Following
TikTok Over 386,000 followers and over 7.8 million likes
Instagram Over 321,000 followers
Facebook Over 284,000 followers
YouTube Over 17,000 subscribers with over 2.4 million video views

And, if is correct about Mud Madness currently being the fifth most popular show on Discovery (just after the channel’s long-running show, Moonshiners), then Sparks’s fame will likely continue increasing as the show builds momentum.

Bryce Spark’s winning edge

The story of how Sparks first got into competitive mud racing is not dissimilar to the stories of many of the other expert mud racers on the circuit.

He started with a small ATV when he was much younger, and as time progressed, his vehicles eventually got bigger, and the racing got faster and much more dangerous.

These days, seriously competing in the mud racing-scene requires expertly-crafted custom rigs that can withstand the hours of abuse in the mud.

Sparks has admitted that what certainly gives him an edge over his competitors is the fact that he used to be a welder and can now fabricate his own rigs.

This hands-on approach is what gives Sparks the confidence to charge into any mud pit (and to know that he will probably be able to get his rig up and running again before the next competition on the next weekend).

The side of Bryce Sparks that fans do not get to see on the show

The life of a social media star, who does mud racing over the weekends, admittedly does not sound very difficult. But, Sparks has been very vocal about the fact that the competitive mud racing lifestyle does not end once everyone hoses off.

In fact, not having a “regular” day-job is probably partly what has allowed Sparks to excel at the sport. A lot more goes into competitive mud racing than meets the eye.

And between races (which are usually every weekend in real life, just like on the show) racers like Sparks need to travel back home, clean their rigs, fix their rigs and get enough rest to be ready to do it all over again.

Bryce spends anywhere between 8 and 12 hours cleaning his rig after a grueling race, and he has travelled up to 29 hours to get to and from different races. He has also revealed that he often spends $5,000 just on fuel for a single race.

Bryce’s big plans for the future

The mud racing scene certainly never slows down, and while Mud Madness documents Sparks and the other racers’ journeys through the Fall circuit, most of them have already moved on to new races in real life.

However, Sparks has let it slip in a few interviews that he has some plans brewing about what he might do with his newfound reality television fame.

And while he has not exactly revealed what these plans entail, we would venture to guess that it will probably be something highly entertaining, filled with lots of adrenaline and high-octane fun.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?