How many episodes in Prison Brides season 1?

Prison Brides’ first season has now officially ended with a total of ten episodes.

At the beginning of 2023, television networks all over the spectrum were scrambling to get their ducks in a row after the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strikes, which ultimately lasted about 148 days, left many studios with a huge backlog of new content.

And, while the popular lifestyle and entertainment network, Lifestyle, was not exempt from struggle, the studio was well-prepared to deal with the backlog of scripted content.

Meanwhile, it kept viewers entertained with a range of unscripted series, which had been slated ahead of its 40th anniversary.

This meant that come January 2023, Lifetime viewers were treated to a whole bunch of new unscripted programming, including titles such as The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, I Wasn’t Expecting a Baby! and the currently very popular docuseries Prison Brides.

All about Prison Brides season 1

Prison Brides scored a cult-following almost immediately after the show’s first episode aired in January of 2024.

Thousands of viewers have been tuning in weekly ever since to find out how the stories between these United States inmates and their international partners will unfold.

But, regardless of Prison Brides’ quick rise to Lifetime fame, the show’s first (and so far, only) season has now drawn to a close after ten total episodes.

The initial Prison Brides season 1 airing schedule

Now that Prison Brides season one is wrapped up, it is the perfect time to ensure that you are all caught up with every single episode, or possibly to re-watch the whole season again, from the start.

All of the Prison Brides season one episodes, and the dates on which they originally aired, can be summarized as follows:

Prison Brides season one episode Episode title Initial air date
Season 1, Episode 1 “A Strange Situation” January 10, 2024
Season 1, Episode 2 “Proposal on Parole” January 17, 2024
Season 1, Episode 3 “I’ve Seen Him Naked Now” January 24, 2024
Season 1, Episode 4 “Second-Degree Engagement” January 31, 2024
Season 1, Episode 5 “Collateral Damage” February 7, 2024
Season 1, Episode 6 “Baby Steps” February 14, 2024
Season 1, Episode 7 “It’s All a Bit Messy” February 21, 2024
Season 1, Episode 8 “Wedding Highs and New Lows” February 28, 2024
Season 1, Episode 9 “What Did You Do?” March 6, 2024
Season 1, Episode 10 “This is How It Ends” March 13, 2024

Where to watch Prison Brides season 1

If you missed out on any of the Prison Brides season one episodes as they aired live on Lifetime, you can always watch them via Lifetime’s website if you have an active cable subscription.

If you do not have an active cable subscription, you can always access the first season of Prison Brides on Amazon Prime Video, or through Apple TV+.

Unfortunately, Prison Brides is not  available to stream on any other platforms yet (this includes platforms such as Netflix, Peacock, Discovery+, YouTube TV and more).

The Prison Brides season 1 cast

Prison Brides season one follows the somewhat tragic love stories of seven couples who met through various prison pen pal programs.

And since the producers had to fit so many stories into just ten episodes for this first season, many of the couples’ first appearances were scattered throughout the first few episodes.

The Prison Brides season one couples and their first appearances on the show can be outlined as follows:

Prison Brides couples First appearances
Joseph and Svea Season 1, Episode 1
Michael and Erin Season 1, Episode 1
Curtis and Emma Season 1, Episode 1
Cage and Andreea Season 1, Episode 2
Craig and Jessica Season 1, Episode 3
KJ and Olivia Season 1, Episode 4
Jamal and Gabby Season 1, Episode 4

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Will there be a new season of Prison Brides?

According to the viewership numbers listed on US TVDB, Prison Brides managed to score a place among the five most popular shows on Lifetime while the show was airing its first season. The show garnered over 267,000 viewers at the height of its popularity.

This puts Prison Brides in great company with other Lifetime hit shows like Married at First Sight and Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits, bringing in about 570,000 and 245,000 viewers respectively, during the first quarter of 2024.

So, while Lifetime has not yet announced any plans to bring the docuseries back for another round, it seems unlikely that the network will ignore this kind of instant success.

And we suspect that it will just be a matter of time until the next season of Prison Brides is officially announced.