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How Farmer Wants a Wife really works behind-the-scenes

The second season of Farmer Wants a Wife is coming to an end, but we finally have some answers about what happens when the cameras are not rolling.

The second season of the American version of Farmer Wants a Wife is winding down and all four of the hopeful still-single farmers from this season only have two women left to pick from.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at Farmer Wants a Wife

But while this successful spin-off is now nearing the end of its second season, fans still have numerous questions about how exactly this months-long group dating system works behind the scenes.

Fortunately though, both Melanie (who was part of Mitchell’s group this season) and Reba (who was in Brandon’s group this season) have taken to Reddit to answer some burning questions.

These answers have helped us shed some light on a few things that we have been pondering about since the show first started airing in 2023.

The Farmer Wants a Wife season two airing schedule

The second season of the American version of Farmer Wants a Wife will air its final episode on May 9, 2024. The entire season can be outlined as follows:

Episode Premiere date
“Meet the New Farmers!” February 1, 2024
“Welcome to the Farms” February 8, 2024
“Tailgates and Tantrums” February 15, 2024
“You Need to Step up Your Flirting Game” February 22, 2024
“Steers, Fears and Tears” February 29, 2024
“Temptation Strolls into Town” March 14, 2024
“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” March 28, 2024
“Someone Needs to Go Home” April 4, 2024
“Farmers’ Family Dinner” April 11, 2024
“Final Solo Dates” April 18, 2024
“Family City Visits Part 1” April 25, 2024
“Family City Visits Part 2” May 2, 2024
“The Final Decisions” May 9, 2024

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How the casting for Farmer Wants a Wife works

Like many of the reality shows on television these days, it seems like most of the casting for Farmer Wants a Wife happens online (though Reba has shared that she also saw a billboard for the show before deciding to click the link).

Though what is perhaps more interesting than how the women apply to be on the show is how they get matched up with their specific farmers.

Apparently, the women who make it through the first few rounds of back-and-forths with the Farmer Wants a Wife producers have to put together a list of their top farmer choices based solely on short video snippets put together by the production team.

The producers then use these choices as a way to weed out the farmers who are not terribly popular with the ladies, and as a way to pair the women and farmers that will make good matches (or at the very least, make for good television).

How the wardrobes work on Farmer Wants a Wife

Looking good in the midst of grueling filming and production schedules, and all kinds of farm work is certainly not easy. But the Farmer Wants a Wife ladies have revealed that the wardrobe is not always up to them.

According to what the season two women have revealed, most of the outfits on the show are from their own closets.

However, when there was a contestant who was ill-prepared for whatever they were filming on that day – production would jump in and assist with wardrobe and accessories.

On a related note, it seems like the farmers’ wardrobes were much more closely managed by production.

And this means that we cannot blame some of this season’s more questionable fashion choices (see: Ty’s two-tone blazer and Mitchell’s hat) solely on the farmers’ tastes.

Is the drama really real?

By now, most reality television fans have learned to accept that none of their favorite shows are  100% authentic all the time. However, this does not mean that we do not all have questions about what is real and what is not.

It is unlikely that any former reality television star will ever explicitly state that their show was fake or that the production team scripted certain moments, but from what the Farmer Wants a Wife women have shared thus far, most of what we see on the show seems real.

According to Melanie, the production team does its best to keep the contestants and the farmers separate when the cameras are not rolling (which means what we see on camera is often the only interactions they have).

And based on what Reba shared, it seems like the drama between her, and Joy was just as bad off screen as it appeared on the show.

Overall, it seems like most of what we see on Farmer Wants a Wife is real – albeit, influenced by stress, love and the pressure of appearing on national television.