Homestead Rescue heads to central Texas for “All My Stresses Live in Texas”

Homestead Rescue season 11, episode 10, sees the Raneys travel to central Teas to tackle one of their most ambitious rescues yet.

The much-awaited eleventh season of Homestead rescue has already seen Marty, Matt and Misty tackle several show-firsts in their incredible homestead rescues.

This includes figuring out their first ever dual homestead rescue in the “Denali Double Rescue” episode, and helping the youngest homesteaders that we have ever seen in the “Stormy and Raney in Texas” episode.

However, in the show’s most recent “All My Stresses Live in Teas” episode, the Raney family has returned to doing what they do best – helping homesteaders who are new to the off-the-grid lifestyle to save their failing homesteads before it is too late.

What you missed on “All My Stresses Live in Texas”

Season 11’s episode 10, titled “All My Stresses Live in Texas” officially premiered on Discovery in Homestead Rescue’s regular Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time timeslot.

In this episode, the Raneys and their team deal with one of the trickiest rescues that they have faced in a while.

In this episode, the Raneys discover that a family, who packed up their comfortable lives in California in order to start their homestead in central Texas, had made almost every rookie mistake in the book.

As a result, they have to pool all of their resources for a complete homestead makeover, which will require that they break down most of this non-functioning homestead before they can build it back up again.

Homestead Rescue season 11

The Raneys are seemingly only picking up speed as time goes on, though Homestead Rescue season 11 is slowly drawing to a close.

And, at this point, let us have a look back at all of the off-the-grid ingenuity that this season has had to offer, so far.

All of the Homestead Rescue season 11 episodes which have aired thus far on Discovery include:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 1 Where the Wild Wind Blows November 19, 2023
Episode 2 Bridge Over Troubled Water November 26, 2023
Episode 3 Stormy and Raney in Texas December 3, 2023
Episode 4 Tennessee Unplugged December 10, 2023
Episode 5 Denali Double Rescue December 17, 2023
Episode 6 Homestead and Chill December 24, 2023
Episode 7 Texas Rift January 7, 2024
Episode 8 Land of Fire and Ice January 14, 2024
Episode 9 Mesa Meltdown January 21, 2024
Episode 10 All my Stresses Live in Texas January 28, 2024

Why this episode is worth the watch

If you are a long-time Homestead Rescue fan, then you will know that creative cabin construction, gardening, tree felling, dam building, and more are all in a day’s work for the Raneys.

However, “All my Stresses Live in Texas” is a particularly interesting episode of the show, as it sees the Raneys pull out just about every creative idea in their arsenal in order to get this central Texas Homestead back up and running.

This includes the construction of one of the best chicken coops that we have seen on the show so far, which is saying something, given Misty’s penchant for developing new and innovative ways of keeping these oh-so important animals safe.

It also includes the construction of a greenhouse and a cabin reconstruction which is so ambitious that even Misty could not believe that Marty was even considering it.

How much work did the Raney’s actually do for “All My Stresses Live in Texas”

Homestead Rescue and the Raneys have faced a lot of criticism over the years that the show (and their homestead rescues) may not always be as hands-on as they claim.

And while there is no real way to confirm or dispel these rumors, we do know from the Raneys most recent Facebook posts that they were heavily involved in this particular rescue, even when the cameras were not rolling.

Marty actually recently shared a video on his Facebook page in which he shows off his always-impeccable tree felling skills. He is cutting down a huge tree for this episode entirely by hand in this video.

What you can expect from episode 11

Things only seem to get more entertaining as season 11 of Homestead Rescue progresses and this means that episode 11 could be even more exciting than the large-scale projects we saw in “All My Stresses Live in Texas”.

This 11th episode, which is titled “Georgia Clay Mayday” sees the Raney family heading into the east Georgia woods.

Here, they will need to tackle all-new issues, such as failing infrastructure and poor soil quality, before the rain season wipes this homestead off the map. This “Georgia Clay Mayday” episode will air on January 28, 2024.