Hoarders: Everything you need to know about Lori

Hoarders season 15 has rerun many of the series’ Canadian episodes, including the one which focused on Lori, a struggling single mother.

If you are a longtime fan of the Hoarders series, you may have noticed something a little different about some of season 15’s most recent episodes.

It turns out that many of this season’s “new” episodes are actually only new to the United States and are borrowed from the Canadian version of this popular show.

All about the “Lori” episode

This includes the most recent season 15 episode, which saw the Hoarders Canada team travel to a remote part of Northern Canada to a territory named Nunavut.

Here, they helped Lori, a mother who had turned to hoarding in order to escape from her own insecurities.

The “Lori” episode follows the Hoarders Canada team as they partner up with Lori’s friend, Nadene, (and just about all of Nunavut) to help Lori to work through her issues with abandonment and self-image so that she can provide a better quality of life for her son, Tajko.

And while this episode does veer slightly from the established format of the Hoarders United States franchise, it does still feature all of the intense cleaning, organizing and emotional victories that fans of the franchise have come to expect with each episode.

And from what has been shared online, it seems like Lori’s story may just be one of Hoarders’ best success stories yet.

Hoarders season 15

Before we dive into all of the backstory and behind-the-scenes details of Lori’s story, this might be the ideal time to ensure that you are all caught up on Hoarders season 15’s most recent episodes.

All of the Hoarders episodes which have aired so far in 2024 can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1.     “Terri” January 8, 2024
2.     “Bob” January 15, 2024
3.     “John” January 22, 2024
4.     “Destiny January 29, 2024
5.     “Where Are They Now? Carl / Eric” February 5, 2024
6.     “Where Are They Now? Destiny / Terri” February 5, 2024
7.     “Where Are They Now? John / Andy” February 12, 2024
8.     “Where Are They Now? Meryl / Janet” February 12, 2024
9.     “David & Elizabeth” February 26, 2024
10.  “Lori” March 4, 2024
11.  “David & Odette” March 11, 2024

Lori before her Hoarders appearance

Though Lori is now perhaps most well known as the lady in Nunavut who just could not throw anything away from her Hoarders episode, she actually made headlines back in 2018 for the exact opposite reason.

Lori, who still works as an elementary school teacher today, actually started Nunavut’s first “Buy Nothing” Facebook group a few years back, after a 50th birthday resolution prompted her to try and give one thing away every day.

And while it is clear that this resolution did not necessarily help Lori that much to keep the clutter in her home under control, it does help to explain why so many of her Nunavut neighbors were willing to help out during this episode.

What has happened to Lori since her Hoarders appearance?

Although we will likely have to wait for a special ‘Where Are They Now?’ episode to get an official update on how Lori is doing now, we do have an unofficial update on how her life in Nunavut is going now.

One Reddit user claiming to be Lori confirmed in this recent thread that both she and her son, Tajko are still doing well.

Hoarders: Everything you need to know about Lori

And judging from the photos that have been shared in this thread, it seems like they have since kept their home fairly free of clutter. Tajko has now graduated, and it seems like Lori has also found love since her appearance on the show.

What to expect from Hoarders’ next episode

While Lori’s Hoarders story seems to have had a very happy ending, the International OCD Foundation estimates that around 2% to 6% of the population suffers from hoarding disorder.

And this means that there are always new people looking for aid from the Hoarders team.

In Hoarders’ next episode, which is titled “Coral” and is set to air on Monday, March 18, 2024 (at 7 p.m. CT) the Hoarders team will set out to help a musician, fiber artist and herbalist who has crammed her farmhouse to bursting point with different supplies.

Coral’s dream is to turn this non-functioning storage space into a community resource center from which she can share all of her knowledge and passions with those who are interested.

But in order to this, she will need to learn to let go of the things that do not serve her.