Heartbreak High: Why Dusty was not in season 2

Dusty has transferred out of Heartbreak High’s Hartley High in the second season, most likely to accommodate the actors’ busy filming schedule.

Heartbreak High’s much-anticipated second season has officially been released. But Joshua Heuston’s character, Dusty, is noticeably missing from most of the season.

Heartbreak High: Why Dusty was not in season 2

Even though the second season of Netflix’s Australian teen drama, Heartbreak High, has only just hit the air, the show has already delivered all of the scandal and intrigue that we could have hoped for. However, this new season is missing one key Heartbreak High character – the fan-favourite Dusty.

Dustin “Dusty” Reid (portrayed by Joshua Heuston) made quite the splash in the first season of Heartbreak High as he went from love-interest, to lover-boy, to villain, and more.

However, when the second season of this fan-favourite show rolled around – his character was nowhere to be found.

And while we would love to draw you a map of exactly how this decision came about, it is all-around simpler to just explain that there were some scheduling conflicts involved.

Dusty’s season 2 cameo

The majority of the second season of Heartbreak High plays out against the backdrop of Hartley High, just as the first season did.

And since Hueston’s character, Dusty, apparently transferred out of the school between terms, he is missing from most of the action in the second season.

However, before you give up all hope, Dusty’s character was not completely ignored in the second season of Heartbreak High.

He did make a very brief, guest appearance in the second season’s second episode: “SLTs vs. C**LORDs”, where he revealed that Amerie was indeed the reason for his transfer.

Joshua Heuston’s other project

While most of Heartbreak High’s main cast members were preparing to return to Hartley High for another round of relationship-roulette, Joshua Heuston was busy filming for a very exciting new project.

Between November of 2022 and December of 2023, Hueston was already spending most of his time in Budapest and Jordan filming for Dune: Prophecy, a spin-off series set within the popular Dune-universe masterminded by Frank Herbert.

This series features Hueston in the role of ‘Constantine Corrino’ and is set to premiere on the streaming service, Max, later in 2024.

Will Dusty return in Heartbreak High season 3?

Heartbreak High’s second season has just premiered on Netflix, and the streaming platform has not announced any official plans to bring the show back for a third season, just yet.

However, since the filming for Dune: Prophecy’s first season has now seemingly wrapped, there is really no reason why Dusty should not make a comeback if the show does return for season three.