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Has Zombie House Flipping been cancelled?

Zombie House Flipping has changed, but the show has not yet been cancelled (and is still airing new episodes to this day).

There are few things more satisfying than watching a house go2 from an unlivable, unsellable “zombie” to an absolutely beautifully restored and staged home which will bring in thousands of dollars.

And there are no teams on television that tackle homes quite as disgusting as the team on Zombie House Flipping team.

Did the original Zombie House Flipping get cancelled?

Zombie House Flipping started airing on A&E back in 2016. This “original” version of the show featured only one team (Justin, Ashlee, Peter ‘Duke’ and Keith) who combined all of their various flipping, building, marketing and real-estate expertise in order to completely transform hopeless homes in the Orlando area of Florida.

However, if you have tuned in to watch any of the more recent episodes of the show, you will know that it has changed slightly throughout the last eight years.

As Keith explained in a recent TikTok video, Zombie House Flipping has now branched out with various spin-off-like shows.

These new spin-offs are basically the same as the original Orlando-version, but they each have their own unique flavor.

And while this is certainly a change that has taken some time to get used to, the original Orlando team (which no longer includes Justin and Ashlee, but has added a new team member named Alynne) is still going strong.

In fact, A&E has already started airing an all-new season of Zombie House Flipping, which includes a few glimpses of the original team.

Everything you need to know about Zombie House Flipping season 6

Zombie House Flipping season six is the second season of the show to follow its new split format.

This season officially started airing on October 28, 2023, with new episodes airing on A&E on Saturdays at 11 a.m. ET or 10 a.m. CT. These new episodes are also available to stream the next day.

All of the Zombie House Flipping season six episodes which have aired thus far can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1.     “Dallas: Arcadia” October 28, 2023
2.     “Dallas: Lake Cliff” November 4, 2023
3.     “Dallas: Stillwater” November 11, 2023
4.     “Orlando: Harding” November 18, 2023
5.     “Tampa: Wall Street” December 2, 2023
6.     “Tampa: Water Oak” December 9, 2023
7.     “Dallas: Glennhill” December 16, 2023
8.     “Tampa: Pinehurst” December 23, 2023
9.     “Tampa: Waikiki” December 30, 2023
10.  “Dallas: Carriage” February 24, 2024
11.  “Tampa: Brookway” March 2, 2024
12.  “Tampa: North 17th March 9, 2023
13.  “Tampa: Clearbrook” March 23, 2024

The show also aired a ‘Best of’ episode as part of this sixth season on March 16, 2024.

It looks like Keith is branching out on his own

Keith has arguably become one of Zombie House Flipping’s most talked-about cast members outside of the show. Keith is a master builder who joined the show as part of the original Orlando team right from the get-go.

But it seems like he may just be using his new reality television-skills for other projects which have nothing to do with flipping homes.

A quick glance at Keith’s social media pages reveals that he is planning to branch out into the documentary filmmaking space by getting involved in a documentary about Twiggy, the waterskiing squirrel.

Hopefully, this new project does not end up interfering with the filming of any  Zombie House Flipping seasons.

What to expect for the next new Zombie House Flipping episodes

Season six of Zombie House Flipping is not quite done just yet, and it seems like the Dallas team might still have a flip or two up their sleeves for the next few weeks.

The A&E schedule reveals that Zombie House Flipping season six, episode 15, will premiere on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

This episode will be titled “Dallas: Whittenburg” and will see Chauncey and Derek reach out to the project manager, Albert, for help with a particularly challenging flip.

The team will tackle a flip in a very desirable Dallas neighborhood, but with issues ranging from holes in the floor, to a cockroach infestation, the team will have to manage their time (and budget) very carefully to pull it off successfully.

Will there be a Zombie House Flipping season 7?

A&E has not yet officially announced any plans to bring Zombie House Flipping back for a seventh season.

However, the Tampa, Dallas and Orlando teams seem to be flipping up a storm whether the cameras are rolling or not. So there is certainly more than enough Zombie House Flipping content to keep the show going for at least another few episodes.