Has Love Match Atlanta been cancelled?

Love Match Atlanta has not been cancelled, but Bravo has not officially announced the return of the show either.

Bravo’s reality show, Love Match Atlanta, takes the ever-popular dating and relationship show format and turns it on its head.

It focuses on the professional matchmakers in the Atlanta area who have been helping their clients to find love for years.

The first season of the show followed various Atlanta-based matchmakers, including Shea Primus, Kelli Fisher, Joseph Dixon, Tana Gilmore and Ming Clark as they worked to educate their clients, find them the perfect match and set them on the right course towards finding true love.

But, of course, the show also contained plenty of drama on the side.

What does the future hold for Love Match Atlanta?

As it stands, Bravo has still not officially renewed Love Match Atlanta for the 2024 season just yet.

However, when Shea and Lamont spoke to KEMPIRE about their experience filming for the show in October of 2022, this duo seemed quite convinced that the show will be returning for another season.

And based on what we have seen from other cast members, such as Kelli and Tana (who are better known simply as “The Duo”) and even Ming, it seems like most of the show’s cast members will be happy to return for another season.

So, while Love Match Atlanta is not part of the upcoming Bravo lineup just yet, we still hope that this show will return sooner rather than later.

All about Love Match Atlanta season 1

All in all, Love Match Atlanta aired eight episodes in its first season, as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1.     “Meet the Matchmakers” May 8, 2022
2.     “The Unscrupulous Matchmaker” May 15, 2022
3.     “Sage the Day” May 22, 2022
4.     “Unappetizing Clients” May 29, 2022
5.     “Mixing, Matching and Party Crashing” June 5, 2022
6.     “Tea and Shade” June 12, 2022
7.     “Trouble in Paris-dise” June 19, 2022
8.     “Uno or Duo” June 26, 2022

However, since Bravo has not officially announced a premiere date for the second season yet, fans can likely expect to see the show moved to an entirely different timeslot when (or if) it does return for a second season.

It seems like Love Match Atlanta had some drama behind-the-scenes

If you watched Love Match Atlanta season one, you will know that between the dueling matchmakers and their demanding clients, the show had more than enough reality television show drama to go around.

But from what we have seen since the season one finale, it seems like the show may have been even more dramatic behind the scenes.

For a start, Paris and Joseph (who starred in this first season), have spoken out against the show and how they were treated by the Love Match Atlanta team on social media, stating “We were okay with making good “TV” but we were not okay with lies, emasculating, false narratives and the degradation of what we have built for our people.”

Lamont, who fans will also recognize as one of the show’s supporting characters, has also spoken about how he was treated on set, and has explained that the production team left out many of the scenes which he filmed especially for the show.

Did the Love Match Atlanta love last?

Although Love Match Atlanta’s focus was technically on the hopeful singles who the show’s expert matchmakers set out to help in the first season, we all know that the matchmakers themselves were the real entertainment.

Unfortunately, though, it seems like not all of the matchmakers’ relationships ended up lasting after the cameras stopped rolling.

Surprisingly, Joseph and Paris announced shortly after they resigned from the show that they had decided to get engaged, but sadly, Shae ended up breaking things off with Mark just a few months after the season one finale aired.

Kelli and Chris are also still together, and it seems like both Tana and Ming have new partners in their lives as well.

Bravo shows that will be returning in 2024

While we wait for Love Match Atlanta to return for another drama-filled season, there are plenty of other shows on Bravo which will be able to fill the void for a few months.

Some of the Bravo shows that pack the same kind of reality-TV-punch as Love Match Atlanta, that you can expect to see airing throughout 2024, include: Below Deck (which returned for its 11th season in February), Summer House (which returned for its eighth season in February), Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard (which returns for its second season on March 24), and The Real Housewives of Dubai (which starts airing in June).