Gold Rush: White Water returns with “In Gold We Trust”

Gold Rush: White Water has returned and the “In Gold We Trust” episode has given us a glimpse into what lies ahead for season seven.

The last few years have been a trying time, not only for Gold Rush: White Water’s cast members, who have had to brave the elements in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, low returns, and even the loss of the widely beloved “Dakota” Fred Hurt, but also for the fans who have been waiting for the show’s new season to premiere since June of 2023.

Fortunately, though, Gold Rush: White Water has now finally returned for its seventh season with a nail-biting new episode titled “In Gold We Trust.”

A recap of the “In Gold We Trust” episode

Longtime Gold Rush: White Water fans will know that the previous season was one of the most difficult that Dustin and his crew have ever faced.

And even though the operation at Nugget Creek seemed so promising at the start, the crew only ended up walking away with a fraction of the gold that they had originally planned on mining after a series of horrific weather conditions forced them to leave and start over again multiple times throughout the season.

However, Gold Rush: White Water season seven’s first episode “In Gold We Trust” drives home the harsh reality that the arrival of a new season does not necessarily mean that anything is going to get easier for Dustin and his now very bare-bones crew.

“In Gold We Trust” sees Dustin put everything on the line, once again, as he sinks his life savings into an extremely remote Alaskan claim in the hopes that this will lead to the discovery of some life-changing gold.

But in true Alaskan gold mining-fashion, the elements push Dustin and his crew to their absolute limits as they set out to find those precious nuggets.

What you may have missed on Gold Rush: White Water season seven so far

Between all the confusion about Gold Rush: White Water’s mid-season six hiatus, and the specials which have aired for season seven, it has been quite easy to miss out on all of the new that has been airing lately.

So, if you want to ensure that you are all caught up on everything Gold Rush: White Water-related, all of the Gold Rush: White Water season seven episodes which have aired thus far can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
“The Legend of Dakota Fred” March 1, 2024
“In Gold We Trust” March 8, 2024
“Tragedy and Triumph” March 8, 2024
“Trench Warfare” March 8, 2024

The Gold Rush: White Water season 7 crew

Now that Gold Rush: White Water’s seventh season has finally started airing, we finally have some answers to which of the crew members have returned for another round of Gold diving fun.

After the fiasco that was last season’s abrupt ending, Dustin has decided to keep his crew tight-knit for season seven.

And as a result, the Gold Rush: White Water season seven cast only consists of Dustin and a few fan-favorite miners, namely, Paul Richardson, Carlos Minor and James Hamm (with a few extra-special guest appearances by the late Fred Hurt throughout).

The plan for Gold Rush: White Water season 7

Last season, Dustin decided that the best way to get the most bang for his buck with the Nugget Creek operation was to split his crew into two teams that could work independently at two different locations in order to extract as much gold as possible.

However, since Dustin has a much smaller crew for this season, he no longer has the manpower to run two separate operations.

Though, this has seemingly not slowed Dustin down at all, as he learned just before the beginning of this new season that his claim actually extends a few hundred feet further than he thought it did.

And these extra few feet have opened up the opportunity for the team to mine much further up Nugget Creek, in season seven, which Dustin hopes may lead them to a whole lot of gold.

What to expect for the rest of Gold Rush: White Water season 7

While it seems like Dustin and his smaller crew have started out season seven on a hopeful note, there is no doubt that this will be an extremely challenging season for everyone.

Season seven’s next episode, which will be titled “A Dying Wish” is all set to air on Friday, March 22.

In this episode, the crew encounters its first big obstacle, when Dustin has to leave Nugget Creek to attend Fred’s 80th birthday celebration and the crew is left to fend for themselves.

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