Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail – What to expect for season 7

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is returning for a seventh season and this time, Parker and his crew are heading to Brazil.

For months now, fans of the Gold Rush franchise, and its golden boy, Parker Schnabel, have been waiting for news about if and when he will return for another season of his successful spin-off show, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (also known simply as “Parker’s Trail”).

All about Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 7

Fortunately, Discovery has just confirmed that Parker will return for an all-new seventh season alongside his trusted crew of adventurous gold hounds, at the end of May 2024.

This time around, Parker and his crew will be packing it up and heading to the jungles, rivers and various other far-off places in South America in search of mountains of unclaimed gold.

This season, aptly titled “Brazil or Bust” will see the crew travel farther, wider and into more dangerous territories than they ever have before. And this is sure to put Parker’s reputation as an expert gold miner to the test like never before.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season seven will play by its own rules

The seventh season of Parker’s Trail will officially premiere on May 31 on Discovery Channel, but it looks like this season will play things a little bit differently than its predecessors.

The short teaser trailer that was released by Warner Bros. Discovery before this exciting new premiere teased that Parker will have to rely on his own instincts during this unprecedented expedition.

Some of the rules that will guide Parker and his crew along the way in this exciting but “wild” journey to find gold, include:

Rule Description
Rule #5 Blend in.
Rule #4 Enjoy the scenery.
Rule #3 Don’t feed the cats.
Rule #2 Go big.
Rule #1 Dead men don’t dig.

It looks like there will be some changes to the cast this season

Parker’s Trail season seven is shaping up (from the little we have seen) to be one of the show’s most exciting seasons to date. But it looks like there may be a few changes to Parker’s travelling band of gold miners this season.

Obviously, the show’s namesake, Parker, has returned for another season and will be heading up Parker’s Trail season seven’s Brazilian expedition.

And his friend and longtime cameraman, Dan Etheridge, will be following him into Brazil’s dangerous waterways and jungles, as per usual.

However, Parker’s fellow gold miner, Tyler Mahoney seems to be conspicuously from the teaser trailer for this season – and from this group shot posted by Dan on Instagram (presumably taken whilst they were filming the season in November of 2023).

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail – What to expect for season 7

Tyler also has not posted anything about the new season’s premiere on her own social media pages, so it seems like she may be sitting this round out.

There will be more gold than ever this season

Whilst Parker’s crew will seemingly be one man down in Parker’s Trail season seven, it does not seem like they will have any trouble tracking down the gold.

Season seven’s trailer shows Parker holding two pretty hefty-looking gold bars and stating unequivocally that “They’ve [the miners in Brazil] produced more placer gold than the entire Yukon.”

And while Parker’s numbers might not be entirely scientifically accurate – Brazil is one of the largest gold-producing countries in the world.

In terms of legal, sanctioned gold-production alone, the World Gold Council estimates that Brazil ranks about 14th in the world, with just over 86 tons produced by June of 2023.

With the current gold price of about $77 million per metric ton, this puts Brazil’s total gold production value at over R6 billion (as opposed to the Yukon’s total gold production value, which is estimated to be just over $250 million).

There will be more danger this season

Parker has always lived by a stern ‘no risk, no reward mantra’, but it seems like this philosophy will be pushed to its absolute limits during Parker’s Trail season seven.

Though we have seen Parker and his crew face off against challenges like long hikes, frozen ground, piranhas, landslides, and more in the past – it seems, in Dan’s words, like their “Mega dangerous” Brazilian mission, will include some new and more extreme dangers.

This includes hostile locals, rivers full of alligators, very large bugs, precarious waterfalls, wild leopards, and more.

All in all, it seems like Parker’s Trail season seven will be one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding seasons of the show that we have ever seen. That is, if Parker and his crew manage to get their operation up and running safely.

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