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Ghost Adventures is real – Alexandré LeMay shares her experience

Alexandré LeMay may be the star of her own show now, but she started out as a guest investigator in the Ghost Adventures franchise.

These days, most fans of the paranormal and all things spirit-related will know Alexandré LeMay from her new queer ghost hunting Hulu show called Living for the Dead. But, just a few years ago, Alex was one of the winners chosen to participate in two Ghost Adventure shows.

The truth about Alexandré’s appearances on Ghost Adventures

The Ghost Adventures franchise started out as your typical two-guys-with-a-camera show way back when.

But it has now expanded to include not only 29 seasons of the original Ghost Adventures show, but also an array of spin-offs, including Ghost Adventures: House Calls.

Alexandré was featured both in an episode of the original Ghost Adventures show, where she was chosen alongside two other lucky fans to be locked down in Zak’s museum, and in an episode of Ghost Adventures: House Calls.

In this episode, she helped Zak and the rest of the team to get to the bottom of the mysterious spirit tormenting a family in Jacksonville.

And while Alexandré now spends most of her energy investigating her own paranormal mysteries on her new show – she did take to Reddit in 2020 to share some behind-the-scenes details about what it was really like to film for the Ghost Adventures franchise.

Alexandré’s Ghost Adventures episodes

If you have already binge-watched all eight episodes of Living for the Dead, but you still want more paranormal investigation content in your life – it might be time to re-watch Alexandre’s original Ghost Adventures episodes.

These episodes can be summarized as follows:

Show Episode Initial air date
Ghost Adventures “Annabelle’s Curse” (Season 15, Episode 8) October 28, 2017
Ghost Adventures: House Calls “Jacksonville Family Curse” (Season 1, Episode 7) June 23, 2022

What filming for Ghost Adventures is really like

Fans (and critics) of the Ghost Adventures franchise have always been split into two distinct categories.

There are the true believers, who believe that everything about the show is real and authentic, and the skeptics, who mostly tune in for the entertainment value, but do not really get too invested in the paranormal side of things.

And, while the jury is still out on whether there truly is a bond between our world and wherever the spirits find themselves, Alexandré cleared up a few key misconceptions about the show.

Alexandré confirmed that what we saw her in her episode of Ghost Adventures was “purely [her] own experiences” and that Zak would actually take things a step further and debunk evidence when people were being “over-dramatic” while filming – like, when he pointed out that the chill she felt could have come from a nearby air vent.

This opinion is shared by Ozzy Mora, a journalist who joined the Ghost Adventures team for an episode in 2018 and wrote “Nothing is scripted. The only moments that are planned are the shots between the crew and the person they are interviewing.”

Alexandré also shared that terrifying things kept happening to her, even after the cameras stopped rolling on the Ghost Adventures episode. This includes a car and a trash van driving through her fence and a tree falling through her roof.

What we did not see in Alexandré’s episodes

It seems like over-dramatic reactions are not the only things that are cut before the final Ghost Adventures episodes air.

Alexandré shared that what we did not see on her episode was that the Ghost Adventures team always takes a moment to analyze the room that they are in and to calm down before the investigation really gets started.

According to Alexandré, this helps to put the cast’s heightened senses at ease, and helps the Ghost Adventures team to quickly debunk any evidence that could be otherwise explained. This debunked evidence usually gets left on the cutting room floor.

Alexandré’s opinion on Zak

If you have been part of the Ghost Adventures fandom for a long time, then you will know about the rumors surrounding the show’s co-creator, Zak Bagans, and his rumored larger-than-life ego.

However, though Alexandré never addressed these rumors directly, she did state that the show’s cast was “Surprisingly very similar to who they are on-screen” and that Zak, specifically, was “shy and soft spoken when the cameras were off.”

Though, she also mentioned that the Ghost Adventures team takes its job very seriously, and that cast members did not get much time for socializing between takes.

And, while Zak’s former Ghost Adventures co-star, Nick Groff, may not share Alexandré’s favorable opinion of the Ghost Adventures set, she maintains that filming for the franchise “was a lot of fun!”