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Getting to know Randi Alicia – Mud Madness’s comeback star

The stars of Mud Madness all had different goals for this first season, but Randi Alicia’s story truly tugged at the heartstrings.

Mud Madness’s first season has officially run its course. And viewers have spent six episodes watching the show’s star racers plunge through the mud, over the hills and sometimes to the end of some of the most challenging mud racing courses in the United States.

Randi Alicia’s Mud Madness story

There is no denying that all of the Mud Madness season one racers – including Josh Carmon, Bryce Sparks, Megan Rion, AJ Robertson, and Larry “DredBone” Oakes – all know their way around the bounty hole.

But there is nothing quite as appealing as watching a top racer return to their position on the leader board after suffering a near-fatal accident.

Some of the racers this season had goals of increasing their social media following, securing new sponsors, and even buying a new buggy – but the longtime professional mud racer, Randi Alicia, approached this fall mud racing circuit with just one dream in mind – to get back in the saddle after her awful accident.

And, while Alicia did not end up beating the other racers this time around, she certainly gave it her all.

Randi Alicia’s Mud Madness season one run

The first season of Mud Madness has been described as a high-flying mud, high-octane introduction to the world of competitive mud racing.

But given all that the stars of the first season have been through over the course of season one’s six episodes – we think we can add high-drama to the list.

All in all, Alicia’s run on the first season of Mud Madness (and her position on the leader board throughout) can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title Position on the leader board
Episode 1 “One Nation Under Mud” 7th place
Episode 2 “Ridin’ Dirty at Rednecks” 3rd place
Episode 3 “Smash and Drag” 7th place
Episode 4 “All’s Fair in Mud and War”
Episode 5 “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud”
Episode 6 “Shut Up and Send It” 9th place

All about Randi Alicia’s accident

There has been plenty of excitement to follow in the first season of Mud Madness, but the only moment that truly made our stomachs turn was watching back the footage of Alicia’s souped-up ATV landing on top of her during her accident.

But while we did see the accident play out on screen, the show did not go into much detail about Alicia’s recovery process. A quick glance at the star’s social media pages reveals that the accident happened in September of 2021.

And while Alicia is in tip-top racing shape now – it took her 2 weeks to post an update after the accident, and months of recovery to get back behind the wheel.

What you may not know about Randi Alicia’s personal life

We have seen plenty of Alicia’s racing prowess on season one of Mud Madness. In fact, we have even seen her call out and beat her fellow female Mud Madness co-star, Rion.

But it turns out that her personal life has been just as action-packed in the last few months.

In case you missed it, Alicia and her partner, Mike LaFour (who you might recognize from the show) officially tied the knot in March of 2024, after two years together.

And when Randi and Mike are not revving it up on the mud circuit, they have their hands full raising their son and a whole pack of pet dogs.

Alicia also recently celebrated her 30th birthday (shhh! actually 35) on April 23, which makes her a Taurus.

Randi Alicia’s take on Mud Madness season one

Being a star on the racetrack and being a star on-screen are two very different things. And, while Alicia has shared publicly that filming for the first season of Mud Madness has been a dream come true – she has also been honest about some of the less glamorous parts of filming for television.

For a start, this behind-the-scenes video that Alicia shared on her Instagram page a short while ago reveals that the scenes we see of Alicia talking on the show likely took a few takes to get right.

And if you read between the lines, this group shot reveals that though Alicia (and presumably the rest of the cast) enjoyed the “places [they] got to see” and “the friends [they] made” …. “everything” on the set of Mud Madness was often a “last minute” endeavor.

Getting to know Randi Alicia - Mud Madness’s comeback star

Fortunately, we know that Alicia and the rest of the racers in this season certainly know how to react quickly and think on their feet (or should we say wheels?).

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?