Furniture color to balance dark wood flooring within any room

Dark wood floors are popular because of their sophisticated, sleek look and there are several furniture colors that can help to balance this dark color within any room.

Wooden flooring adds a soft, natural element to a space, while still being relatively stylish and easy to maintain. Darker wood types and stains are especially popular because of the deep, rich color that dark wood flooring can add to a room.

Though these darker wood floors can come in a variety of tones and hues, they all have a striking appearance, with a more pronounced grain pattern than lighter wood floors.

The sleek and shiny appearance of darker floors paired with the gloomy color, can puzzle many homeowners and designers when it comes to finding furniture pieces that will work well in a room with dark wood floors.

However, as long as the overall light and dark balance in the room is maintained, there are many different colors of furniture that can be added to a room with dark floors, which will be stylish and inviting.

The benefits of wood flooring

Wood flooring is a popular choice, because of the look and durability that it adds to the home.

The classic and warm look that natural wood can bring to your home is undeniable, and this is why many homeowners and designers opt for wooden floors over other finishes like carpets or vinyl.

The durability of the wood is another reason for the popularity of wooden flooring.

Although wood floors can be expensive to add to your house, the fact that these floors will last for a long time and can be redone to match any new fashion or trend in interior design, makes it worth the higher price tag.

Wood floors are also fairly simple and easy to clean with the use of a broom, steamer or even a vacuum.

This, along with the fact that wood floors don’t hold on to dust like carpets, makes wood flooring popular amongst people who want a low-maintenance and allergy-friendly option.

Wooden floors are also a good way to add a natural element to your home, while still keeping the overall design elegant.

There are many different types of hardwood flooring, each with their own grain patterns, undertones and durability. Among the most popular is dark wood floors.

The benefits of dark wood floors

The most important factors to consider when you are deciding on the right type of wood floors for your home are room size, presentation, maintenance and style.

Dark wood types like ebony, mahogany, and cherry can add a very sophisticated look and feel to your home.

Even naturally dark woods can still be rather light, and the really deep brown, ashy gray or even black color which you probably think of when you think of dark wood floors is usually achieved more by adding a dark stain to the wood.

This means that you can customize your dark wood floors to be almost any color, by combining certain wood types with different stains to see which combinations deliver the exact tone and color that you want.

Dark hardwood floors make a strong impression when used in a room’s design, and because hardwood floors do not reflect as much sunlight as lighter hardwood floors, this means that this strong, rich finish will last for a longer time.

A darker color hardwood floor will also hide scuff marks and scratches much better than a lighter color, which means that they will look better for longer.

A deeper, richer color will not only ensure an appealing sheen over your entire floor, but it will also accentuate the natural grain in the wood.

This means a more striking pattern and more natural overall look in your house. The darker color also adds depth to your space, and can anchor the room in large and open spaces.

What color furniture goes with dark wood floors

Even with all of these benefits, some homeowners and designers are still skeptical of using darker wood floors within their homes, out of fear that this darker color will make their rooms feel too small and dull.

However, this feared darkness can easily be counteracted by choosing the right furniture and design elements to add to the space.

Light colored furniture

Though, when paired with the wrong furniture, sleek and sophisticated dark wood floors can easily make a space feel too small and dark.

The best way to combat this is by creating a good balance in the space, by inserting a lot of bright light colors to counteract the darker hues. Classic white furniture is one of the most obvious choices if you want to add a bright, light color to your room.

White furniture also mimics the classic and sophisticated style that dark wood floors can add to a space, while bringing a fresh and clean element to the table.

This means that white furniture will create enough contrast with your darker floors, but still fit into the style of the house.

Furniture color to balance dark wood flooring within any room
© Curtis Adams / Pexels

If stark white creates too extreme a contrast with your darker wood floors, then beige colored furniture will give you the same brightening and balancing effect with less contrast.

Neutral tan and beige colors can really help to create a more rustic and relaxed mood within your room.

Furniture color to balance dark wood flooring within any room
© Curtis Adams / Pexels

If you want to create a very harmonious feeling in your space, it can be a good idea to choose furniture that has the same color and undertones as your flooring, but just a few shades lighter.

This will create a very neutral and relaxing color palette within your room, and the slightly lighter colors will still ensure that your dark wood floors do not make the space feel too dark and small.

Dark colored furniture

If you prefer darker hues over light and airy, there are ways to add darker colored furniture to a home with dark colored floors, without making the space feel too dark.

The key to this is balance. As long as you add some lighter elements like a lighter colored rug or pillow, the design should stay balanced and not become overwhelmingly dark.

Darker gray furniture can be a great way to add a neutral color scheme to your room’s design. Gray furniture will help the room to feel more relaxing and give it a modern style.

The undertones of the gray should also help to bring out some of the warmer tones in the wood grain of your floors, which will help the furniture and the floors to shine.

Furniture color to balance dark wood flooring within any room
© Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Brown furniture which is the same general tone and color as your floors can also be an effective way to create harmony within your design.

The brown color will also accentuate other natural tones like bamboo and leather within your space, which will tie the entire design together. Brown can also be used with shades of orange and green to create a retro style within your home.

Furniture color to balance dark wood flooring within any room
© Curtis Adams / Pexels

If you would prefer to use black furniture, remember to use it with lighter colors to create some contrast with your darker colored floors.

Different types of textures next to the sleek dark floors can also help a dark space with dark furniture to have some visual interest, and make the space feel less dull.

How to match furniture to a room with dark colored floors

Whether you are using lighter or darker colored furniture in your rooms, there are a few tips and tricks to make any furniture work in your room with dark colored floors.

The simplest way to create harmony between the furniture and the floor is to match the legs of the furniture to the color and tone of your floors.

This will instantly make the furniture seem like it belongs in the room, and create cohesion between the different elements in your design.

Adding pops of color, like yellows, purples and oranges in the furniture and in other design elements, like rugs, throw pillows and wall hangings or decorations is a great way to bring brightness and a unique personality to your space.

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It is always good to remember that the other design elements in your room, like the curtains and walls can really help to bring light and contrast into your room.

This is also a great way to echo the colors of your furniture and floors to help the whole design to blend together seamlessly and form an overall design with a clear concept that matches the look and feel, which you wanted for the space.


Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring because of the elegant, natural appearance and because this appearance is so simple to maintain.

Darker hardwood floors have all of these benefits and add a certain sophistication and sheen to any space.

These darker hues can, however, be quite difficult to match when it comes to the color of the furniture in the room. However, as with all designs, balance is key.

As long as you maintain the balance between the darker and lighter colors in the room, almost any color furniture will look lovely in your dark wood floor space.